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Name Creeper
Health 20 (Heart.png x 10)
Hostility Hostile
Drops Gunpowder Gunpowder (0-2)
Creeper Head Creeper Head (0-1)
Source Mod Minecraft

The Creeper is an iconic hostile mob from vanilla Minecraft. Rather than damaging the player with a standard attack, Creepers will sneak up on the player and explode. Before they explode, there is a short fuse time during which they will flash between white and green, grow larger, and make a hissing noise. The detonation can be cancelled if the player moves out of range, or knocks the Creeper far enough away. If killed before detonation, Creepers drop 0-2 Gunpowder.

Creeper explosions are slightly less powerful than TNT, and will often create a small crater of destroyed blocks. The command /gamerule mobGriefing false will prevent Creeper explosions from damaging most terrain, but some items such as Microblocks may still be destroyed.

Charged Creeper[edit]

If a Creeper gets struck by a lightning or falls into Witch Water, it will become a Charged Creeper and get a blue aura. The explosion radius will double and when killed by the explosion, other Creepers, Zombies and Skeletons will drop their heads. The explosion has an effect on some other mobs, for example the Luggage, which will double its inventory space when hit.

Creeper variants[edit]

Special Mobs adds a number of Creepers varieties, including Creepers that teleport like Endermen, Creepers that replace air with Dirt in their radius when they explode, and Creepers whose explosions cause Fires, to name a few.