Rubber Wood (IndustrialCraft 2)

Rubber Wood
Rubber Wood

Rubber Wood

Name Rubber Wood
Source Mod IndustrialCraft2
ID Name
OreDict Name
Type Block
Stackable Yes (64)
Blast Resistance 5.0
Hardness 1.0
Solid Yes
Transparent No
Affected by Gravity No
Emits Light No
Flammable No
Required Tool Any tool will work, but an axe is the most efficient.

Rubber Wood is the component of Ruber Trees.

Sometimes, Rubber Wood blocks have a Resin Hole. Right clicking the spot with a Treetap will produce 1-3 Sticky Resin, which can be smelted into 1 Rubber each in any furnace or extracted in an Extractor into 3 Rubber . Be aware that right clicking an empty (dark) Resin Hole may produce extra Resin, but is very likely to permanently remove the Resin Hole. Therefore, it is advised to be careful when extracting Sticky Resin.

The wood also has a small chance to drop the Resin when it is being chopped down, but this is not very productive without a supply of Rubber Tree Saplings.

Rubber Wood cannot be moved with a Piston. Pistons also destroy Rubber Tree leaves, rather than pushing them. Rubber Wood also cannot be rotated with the Log Turner. However they can be picked up with a Portal Gun, so it is possible to create more compact rubber farms.


Rubber Wood (IndustrialCraft 2) can be used to create the following items: