Item NanoSuit Helmet.png

Grid NanoSuit Helmet.png

Name NanoSuit
Source Mod IndustrialCraft2
ID Name Unknown
Type Armor
Stackable No

The NanoSuit is a type of armor added by the IndustrialCraft2 mod, consisting of the NanoSuit Helmet, NanoSuit Bodyarmor, NanoSuit Leggings, and NanoSuit Boots. Unlike other types of armor, the NanoSuit needs to be charged with EU, and consumes EU instead of taking physical damage and losing durability.

A fullly charged NanoSuit provides nine armor points and 90% damage reduction. In comparison, an unenchanted full Diamond Armor suit provides ten armor points and 80% damage reduction. When uncharged however it provides barely any protection. Unlike traditional armor it also cannot be enchanted.

Each armor piece has a maximum charge of 100 000 EU and can be recharged in any Tier 3 (HV) or higher energy storage block. At later stages of the game the NanoSuit can be upgraded to a QuantumSuit.


1.5 and Before:[edit]

To craft a full NanoSuit in Minecraft 1.5 or lower the following resources are required:

You will also need a Compressor and a Macerator.

1.6.4 and above:[edit]

In Minecraft 1.6.4 and above, the following resources are required:

As before, both a Compressor and a Macerator are required.