Gravitation Suite

Gravitation Suite
Name Gravitation Suite
Creator Unknown
Latest Version Unknown
Minecraft Version Unknown
Website GraviSuite (Forum)
Root Mod IndustrialCraft2
Modpacks DNS Techpack
Direwolf20 Pack
Feed The Beast 1.5.2 Beta Pack
Feed The Beast Beta Pack A
Feed The Beast Beyond
Feed The Beast Infinity Evolved
Feed The Beast Infinity Evolved Skyblock
Feed The Beast Resurrection
Feed The Beast Revelation
Feed The Beast Ultimate
Feed The Beast Ultimate Reloaded
Feed The Beast Unleashed
JoeGaming ModPack
MindCrack Pack
Resonant Rise

Gravitation Suite, or GraviSuite for short, adds high end upgrades for IndustrialCraft2 items. These high-end upgrades are very expensive, requiring Iridium and other very expensive materials to craft. They are also very powerful, offering a near-omnipotency over a world. GraviSuite is made by the same modmaker who created the Advanced Solar Panels mod. This mod offers some integration with that mod, as the recipe of the Ultimate Solar Helmet requires that Advanced Solar Panels be installed.

GraviSuite itself adds no blocks. The items it adds are listed below: