Summoning Demons in Blood Magic requires that the Player build a particular layout of Arcane Pedestals surrounding an Arcane Plinth and place certain ingredients atop the pedestals with a Master Blood Orb on the Plinth. When done correctly, the ingredients will be consumed — except the Blood Orb — and a Demon will be summoned.


In order to summon Demons, the Player must first build a multi-block structure consisting of one Arcane Plinth surrounded by 6, 12, or 18[1] Arcane Pedestals in a particular pattern. Each successive tier of summoning structure allows the Player to summon new Demons.

Pedestal Coordinates[edit]

The following table details the coordinate offsets to position the Arcane Pedestal from the Arcane Plinth as seen in the picture gallery.

Ring Pedestal Offset (X, Z, Y)
First Second Third Fourth Fifth Sixth
First 1, 2, 0 2, 0, 0 1, -2, 0 -1, -2, 0 -2, 0, 0 2, -1, 0
Second 3, 5, 1 6, 0, 1 3, -5, 1 -3, -5, 1 -6, 0, 1 -3, 5, 1
Third 0, 9, 2 7, 4, 2 7, -4, 2 0, -9, 2 -7, -4, 2 -7, 4, 2


Summoning a Demon requires that the Player place a particular set of items [2] up on the Pedestals surrounding the Arcane Plinth.

In addition to the required ingredients, each Demon requires that a Blood Orb be placed atop the Arcane Plinth. The Blood Orb can be placed at any time during the summoning process, or simply left atop the Arcane Plinth between summons.

If the items were placed correctly lightning will strike each Pedestal in turn, consuming the placed items as it strikes. When all items are consumed, the Arcane Plinth will be struck with lightning and the Demon will be summoned.


To summon an Elemental of a particular type, place six of the same alchemical ingredient type upon the six inner pedestals. These Elementals are the only Demon type to drop Demon Blood Shards, required to make an Archmage's Blood Orb. All Elementals are capable of flight, and each has a combat ability unique to its elemental type. Being a Lesser Demon, Elementals have 100 HP.

Elemental Ingredient Effect
Air Aether Aether Launches the Player and inhibits armor.
Fire Incendium Incendium Sets the Player on fire and inflicts Inhibit.
Water Aquasalus Aquasalus Inflicts Drowning and Inhibit on the Player.
Earth Terrae Terrae Inflicts Slowness and Inhibit on the Player.
Shade Tenebrae Tenebrae Inflicts Blindness and Inhibit on the Player.
Holy Sanctus Sanctus Inflicts Poison and Inhibit on the Player.

Lesser Demon[edit]

The following summons only require a 6 Pedestal summoning structure and a Master Blood Orb. Lesser Demons have up to 100 HP.

Summon Ingredients
Fallen Angel Sanctus (3) Sanctus (3) • Aether Aether • Terrae Terrae • Tenebrae Tenebrae
Lower Guardian Cobblestone (2) Cobblestone (2) • Terrae Terrae • Tenebrae Tenebrae • Iron Ingot Iron Ingot • Gold Nugget Gold Nugget
Small Earth Golem Terrae (2) Terrae (2) • Clay Clay
Ice Demon Crystallos (3) Crystallos (3) • Aquasalus Aquasalus • Sanctus Sanctus • Terrae Terrae
Boulder Fist Steak (2) Steak (2) • Bone Bone • Terrae Terrae • Sanctus Sanctus • Tenebrae Tenebrae
Shade Tenebrae (3) Tenebrae (3) • Aether Aether • Glass Bottle Glass Bottle • Glass Glass

Greater Demon[edit]

The following summons require at least a 12 Pedestal summoning structure and an Archmage's Blood Orb. Greater Demons have 200 HP.

Summon Ring Ingredients
Bile Demon Inner Poisonous Potato Poisonous Potato • Raw Porkchop Raw Porkchop • Raw Beef Raw Beef • Egg Egg • Tenebrae Tenebrae • Terrae Terrae
Outer Block of Iron (2) Block of Iron (2) • Crepitous (2) Crepitous (2) • Diamond Diamond • Terrae Terrae
Winged Fire Demon Inner Incendium (3) Incendium (3) • Aether Aether • Tenebrae Tenebrae • Netherrack Netherrack
Outer Magicales (2) Magicales (2) • Diamond Diamond • Block of Gold Block of Gold • Fire Charge Fire Charge • Block of Coal Block of Coal

Demon Crystal[edit]

Upon defeating a summoned Demon, it will drop a Demon Crystal, which can be used by right-clicking to summon that same Demon again. When summoned this way, the Player may sacrifice a Weak Blood Orb to the Demon in order to tame it. Once tamed, the Demon can be commanded to follow or stay, much like any other pet. Some Demons are willing to fight for the Player once tamed. When the Demon is tamed it will gain 5 hearts and if named with a name tag it will gain another 5 hearts.



  1. 18 arcane pedestals is useless since you can summon all demons with only 12 pedestals.
  2. The items may be placed in any order and position. To Place an item 'Right-click' with the item in hand. To remove items, 'Right-click' The Pedestal with an empty hand.