Soul Network

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A Soul Network is a concept in Blood Magic. The term is defined and used somewhat confusingly by the mod's author. A Soul Network is:

  1. The bond between a player and all of their bound items.
  2. Where Life Essence is stored.

Usually, the second point is meant. The Life Essence (LP) stored here is used for things like a Ritual or for using a Sigil. If the Soul Network runs out of LP, then the Ritual will fail or the Sigil will take LP directly from your player, usually killing it.

The second sense is not intuitive. LP is not actually stored in any of the items. The Soul Network is not an actual thing or place. The way it is implemented, the player's current essence is stored as a property in the player's NBT data.

In order to store LP in a Soul Network, the player has to simply right click any blood orb, but has to be careful as it also will take one of its hearts! A Soul Network can only store a certain amount of LP, which changes with the kind of blood orb you have.

With a Divination Sigil, you can see your current Soul Network Storage.

Blood Orbs Max LP in Network
Weak 5,000
Apprentice 25,000
Magician's 150,000
Master 1,000,000
Archmage's 10,000,000
Transcendent 30,000,000

The Soul Network can be filled up faster by placing it in a Blood Altar. How fast it fills up depends on the tier of the Blood Altar used. The max LP in the Soul Network does not increase by having multiple blood orbs.