Ritual of the High Jump

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Ritual of the High Jump
Name Ritual of the High Jump
Ritual Stones 12
Activation Crystal Weak Activation Crystal
Activation Cost 1,000 LP
Running Cost 5 LP/operation
Effect Launches entities into the air

Ritual of the High Jump is a Blood Magic Ritual which launches entities into the air.


Building a Ritual of the High Jump requires 12 Ritual Stones of air. Activating one requires a Weak Activation Crystal and 1,000 LP.


Ritual of the High Jump throws any entity on top of the Master Ritual Stone 12 blocks into the air. This costs 5 LP per operation. Any entity that lands directly on the Master Ritual Stone takes no fall damage.


The effect of the Ritual can be modified by feeding Reagents into the Master Ritual Stone. The following effects are available:

Reagent Effect
Aether Increases throw height
Terrae Increases range of fall damage prevention