Well of Suffering

Well of Suffering
Name Well of Suffering
Ritual Stones 36
Activation Crystal Weak Activation Crystal
Activation Cost 50,000 LP
Running Cost 2 LP/operation
Effect Harvests LP from mobs

Well of Suffering is a Blood Magic Ritual which harvests Life Essence from entities.


Well of Suffering requires 36 Ritual Stones: 4 air, 16 water, 8 fire, 4 earth and 4 dusk. Activating it requires a Weak Activation Crystal and 50,000 LP.


A Well of Suffering does 1 point of damage to every entity within a 10 block radius centered on the Master Ritual Stone. This damage is converted into Life Essence and fed into a Blood Altar within a 10 block radius centered on the Master Ritual Stone. Each point of damage done costs 2 LP from the activator's Soul Network and generates 10 LP in the Altar. This process benefits from any Runes of Sacrifice around the Altar. If the Altar is full, or no Altar is present, the Ritual does nothing. If there are multiple Altars in range, only one of them will be filled. The ritual will rather choose an altar above it than underneath it. Keep this in mind when using multiple altars. Note: in 1.7 damage applies by all rituals at the same time, thus if two Well of Suffering rituals overlap on some mobs - one will not work.


The effect of the Ritual can be modified by feeding Reagents into the Master Ritual Stone. The following effects are available:

Reagent Effect Consumption Rate
Potentia Increases Vertical Range to 20. Total range (10x20x10) 10 AR/1.25 sec
Tenebrae Raises the LP amount by a factor of 2. 5 AR/Operation
Offensa Raises the LP and damage amount by a factor of 2. 3 AR/Operation