Omega Armor

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Omega Armor is an upgrade of Bound Armor from Blood Magic. In order to get this armor, you must activate the Symmetry of the Omega ritual while wearing full bound armor. When the ritual is complete, lightning strikes you infusing your soul with that of a specific kind of demon, decided by what kind of Crystal Belljar you used in the ritual. These demons give you miscellaneous benefits or banes, depending on the environment you're in. The effect of the ritual is temporary and after some time (~15 minutes) the omega armor will turn back into bound armor. To maintain the permanent effect of omega armor you need to use Duet of the Fused Souls ritual.


Sets of Omega Armor gives various bonuses.

Type of Omega Armor set Reagents for ritual Bonuses
Earth Terrae +90% Max Health
+54% Attack Damage
+1 Knockback Resistance
Fire Incendium -30% Max Health
-18% Attack Damage
Water Aquasalus +30% Max Health
+18% Attack Damage
Wind Aether -60% Max Health
-24% Attack Damage


  • If you take off one of the parts of omega armor, then the whole set will turn back into bound armor.