Symmetry of the Omega

Symmetry of the Omega
Name Symmetry of the Omega
Ritual Stones 116
Activation Crystal Awakened Activation Crystal
Activation Cost 15,000,000 LP
Effect Turns the player's wearing bound armor set into one of the omega armor set.

Symmetry of the Omega is a Blood Magic Ritual which turns the player's wearing bound armor set into one of the omega armor set.


The Symmetry of the Omega ritual requires 2 Crystal Belljar (for reagents) and 116 Ritual Stones to build: 16 air, 16 fire, 16 earth, 16 water, 28 dusk and 8 dawn. It takes 15,000,000 LP and an Awakened Activation Crystal to activate.


Before activated the Symmetry of the Omega, you need to complete several steps:

  • You should wear a Bound Armor set.
  • In the ritual mosaic there are 4 holes for Crystal Belljars. Put in 2 of them Crystal Belljar with the necessary reagents. Other holes need to be closed with any blocks.
  • It is necessary to make a closed room of the blocks on the ritual mosaic. The player must be inside. The size of the room should not be more than 5 blocks from the center of the ritual. That is, the inner area of ​​the room should not exceed 9x9x4 (width * length * height).
  • To increase the effects of omega armor, glyphs should be used instead of regular blocks to build a room.


The type of armor you receive depends on the Reagents into Crystal Belljars. There are four options:

Reagent Cost Effect
Aquasalus 32,000 Creates Water Omega Armor set.
Terrae 32,000 Creates Earth Omega Armor set.
Incendium 32,000 Creates Fire Omega Armor set.
Aether 32,000 Creates Wind Omega Armor set.


There are three types of glyphs:

Glyph Effect
Glyph of Rigid Stability Add some stability paramtres. The more stability the more time omega armor is active. Creating armor without stability, it will only work for 15 minutes.
Glyph of the Adept Enchanter Reduces stability and give enchanting for armor. More glyphs increases the chances of multiple enchanting.
Glyph of Arcane Potential Reduces stability and increases the chances of high level for enchanting armor.


  • The impact of glyphs is considered according to the number of their sides that are in contact with the internal space of the room. Therefore it is worth making a room with a lot of interior walls.
  • Even a small amount of glyphs of the Adept Enchanter and Arcane Potential greatly reduces stability. With negative stability, the ritual does not work. Therefore, it is better to first test the performance of the ritual in creative mode.