A Ritual is a powerful multi-block structure added by the Blood Magic mod. The effects of Rituals are varied and powerful, from a simple water source to creating an area of creative mode flight.

There are two types of rituals: weak and standard.

Weak Ritual[edit]

A weak ritual is simple but can be useful. Each is created by placing a specific block on top of an Imperfect Ritual Stone, then activated by Right-clicking the Stone. Each costs 5,000 Life Essence.

Block Effect
Water Source Water Source Creates a thunderstorm
Block of Coal Block of Coal Summons a strong zombie
Lapis Lazuli Block Lapis Lazuli Block Makes it night time
Bedrock Bedrock Grants Fire Resistance II for 1 minute

Standard Ritual[edit]

A standard ritual is built out of multiple Ritual Stones and one Master Ritual Stone. It is activated using a Weak Activation Crystal or an Awakened Activation Crystal. All rituals have a large LP cost to activate and most have an ongoing LP cost. Rituals can be deactivated by applying a Redstone signal to the Master Ritual Stone.

The Ritual Diviner can be used to quickly build rituals.

 Activation costRunning costEffect
Aura of Expulsion1,000,000 LP1,000 LP/operationTeleports players away
Ballad of Alchemy20,000 LP60 LP/operationAutomates Alchemic Chemistry Set
Blood of the New Moon10,000 LPRips up a sphere of earth from the ground, into the air
Call of the Zephyr25,000 LP5 LP/operationCollects items
Convocation of the Damned15,000,000 LPCreates a demon portal
Cry of the Eternal Soul2,000,000 LP2 LP/operationTransfers LP from Soul Network to Blood Altar
Dome of Suppression10,000 LP80 LP/secondSuppresses liquids
Duet of the Fused Souls15,000,000 LP5,000 LP/sPrevents reagent depletion for Omega Armor
Fisherman's Hymn10,000 LPcatch items and food
Focus of the Ellipsoid25,000 LP20*radius LP/sProvide building guide
Interdiction Ritual1,000 LP1 LP/operationRepels mobs
Mark of the Falling Tower1,000,000 LPSummons ore meteor
Midas Touch5,000 LPTransform iron ingots into gold ingots
Orchestra of the Phantom Hands10,000 LPTransferring items from one object (mechanism or chest) to another.
Reap of the Harvest Moon20,000 LP40 LP per harvested plantHarvests plants
Requiem of the Satiated Stomach100,000 LP100 LP/OperationFeeds players
Reverence of the Condor1,000,000 LPProvides creative mode flight
Rhythm of the Beating Anvil15,000 LP10 LP/operationAutocraft items for a given recipe.
Ritual of Binding5,000 LPCreates bound item
Ritual of Containment2,000 LP1 LP/secAttracts mobs
Ritual of Gaia's Transformation1,000,000 LPChanges biomes
Ritual of Magnetism5,000 LP50 LP/operationTeleports ore to surface
Ritual of Mob Oppression25,000 LPParalysed mobs
Ritual of Regeneration25,000 LP20-200 LP/operationRegenerates Entity Health
Ritual of Speed1,000 LP5 LP/operationLaunches entities laterally
Ritual of Unbinding30,000 LPDeconstructs items
Ritual of Withering75,000 LP330 LP per tick for 1 player/mobWither Buff
Ritual of the Crusher2,500 LP7 LP/operationMines blocks
Ritual of the Feathered Earth100,000 LPPrevents fall damage
Ritual of the Feathered Knife50,000 LP20 LP/operationHarvests LP from players
Ritual of the Full Spring500 LP25 LP/operationCreate water source blocks
Ritual of the Green Grove1,000 LP20 LP/secondIncreases plant growth speed
Ritual of the High Jump1,000 LP5 LP/operationLaunches entities into the air
Ritual of the Shepherd10,000 LP400 LP/operationIncreases animal growth rate
Serenade of the Nether10,000 LP500 LP/operationCreates lava
Song of Evaporation20,000 LPDestroy displaced liquids
Symmetry of the Omega15,000,000 LPTurns the player's wearing bound armor set into one of the omega armor set.
The Enchantress's Spell50,000 LPEnchant Items
Veil of Evil150,000 LP20 LP/sAllows mob spawning
Ward of Sacrosanctity150,000 LP300 LP/sPrevents mob spawns
Well of Suffering50,000 LP2 LP/operationHarvests LP from mobs