Imbued Spell Augmenter

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Imbued Spell Augmenter
Imbued Spell Augmenter

Name Imbued Spell Augmenter
Source Mod Blood Magic
ID Name
Type Block
Stackable Yes (64)
Blast Resistance 15.0
Hardness 2.0
Solid Yes
Transparent Yes
Affected by Gravity No
Emits Light No
Flammable No
Required Tool Wooden Pickaxe

The Reinforced Spell Augmenter is a tier 4 spell enhancement from Blood Magic which strengthens spells in a way different than power enhancements do. Adding more than four Reinforced Spell Augmenters will likely blow up the spell. It is not possible to make this without first getting a tier 6 Blood Altar and an Transcendent Blood Orb.


GUI Crafting Table.png
Living Brace
Soul Runic Plate
Living Brace
Input Spell Cable
Potency Core
Output Spell Cable
Living Brace
Soul Runic Plate
Living Brace
Imbued Spell Augmenter


Imbued Spell Augmenter has no known uses in crafting.