Ritual of the Shepherd

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Ritual of the Shepherd
Name Ritual of the Shepherd
Ritual Stones 16
Activation Crystal Weak Activation Crystal
Activation Cost 10,000 LP
Running Cost 400 LP/operation
Effect Increases animal growth rate

Ritual of the Shepherd is a Blood Magic Ritual which increases the maturation speed of animals.


Building a Ritual of the Shepherd requires 16 Ritual Stones: 4 air, 4 water, 4 earth and 4 dusk. Activating it requires a Weak Activation Crystal and 10,000 LP.


The Ritual of the Shepherd reduces the time needed for animals to mature from 20 to 3 minutes. This costs approximately 400 LP per animal.


The effect of the Ritual can be modified by feeding Reagents into the Master Ritual Stone. The following effects are available:

Reagent Effect
Virtus Feeds animals items from inventory above or below Master Ritual Stone
Reductus Further increases maturation speed