Duet of the Fused Souls

Duet of the Fused Souls
Name Duet of the Fused Souls
Ritual Stones 124
Activation Crystal Awakened Activation Crystal
Activation Cost 15,000,000 LP
Running Cost 5,000 LP/s
Effect Prevents reagent depletion for Omega Armor

Duet of the Fused Souls is a Blood Magic Ritual which halts the regents used in activating the Omega Armor from depleting.


Building a Duet of the Fused Souls requires 124 Ritual Stones: 16 dusk, 20 fire, 20 blank, 12 earth, 24 water, 28 air and 4 dawn. Activating one requires a Awakened Activation Crystal and 15,000,000 LP.


The ritual is made to have a tier 4 beacon inside of it to function, the beacon needs to be active for the ritual to take effect. The ritual consumes 5,000 LP/s to prevent the reagents from depleting, making the Omega Armor last indefinitely and only effects the player when they are within the beacon range of the beacon used in the ritual.