Sigils are usable items that can be crafted in the Blood Magic mod. Most of them cost LP to use.

Sigil Activation Cost Effect Bound Armor Effect
Air Sigil Air Sigil 50 LP Launches the Player Prevents Fall Damage
Divination Sigil Divination Sigil 0 LP Displays Soul Network and Blood Altar Information Displays Soul Network HUD bar
Ender Sigil Ender Sigil

Harvest Goddess Sigil Harvest Goddess Sigil 500 LP per 10 sec Harvest and replant nearby mature crops Harvests and replants nearby crops
Lava Sigil Lava Sigil 1,000 LP Creates Lava Grants Fire Resistance
Sigil of Augmented Holding Sigil of Augmented Holding 0 LP Stores Up to Nine Other Sigils
Sigil of Compression Sigil of Compression

Sigil of Divinity Sigil of Divinity 50,000 LP per 20 sec

Sigil of Elemental Affinity Sigil of Elemental Affinity 200 LP per 10 sec Provides Damage Protection From Drowning, Fire, and Falling N/A - Cannot Be Bound
Sigil of Ender Severance Sigil of Ender Severance 200 LP Prevents Teleporting
Sigil of Haste Sigil of Haste 250 LP per 10 sec Grants Boost (Increased Movement Speed, Jump Height, and Step Assist) Grants Boost
Sigil of Holding Sigil of Holding 0 LP Stores Up to Four Other Sigils N/A - Cannot Be Bound
Sigil of Magnetism Sigil of Magnetism 50 LP per 10 sec Attracts Nearby Items Attracts Nearby Items
Sigil of Sight Sigil of Sight 0 LP Shows Progress and Speed of Altar Has no effect
Sigil of Supression Sigil of Supression

Sigil of Swimming Sigil of Swimming 100 LP per 10 sec

Sigil of the Blood Lamp Sigil of the Blood Lamp 10 LP Creates Light Source and Damages Mobs Grants Night vision
Sigil of the Fast Miner Sigil of the Fast Miner 100 LP per 10 sec Increases Mining/Digging Speed by 20% Grants Haste
Sigil of the Green Grove Sigil of the Green Grove 150 LP per 5 sec Accelerates Plant Growth Accelerates Plant Growth
Sigil of the Phantom Bridge Sigil of the Phantom Bridge 100 LP per 10 sec Creates a Temporary Platform Creates a Temporary Platform
Sigil of the Whirlwind Sigil of the Whirlwind 250 LP Deflects Projectiles Deflects Projectiles
Void Sigil Void Sigil 50 LP Destroys Liquids Prevents Void Damage
Water Sigil Water Sigil 100 LP Creates Water Grants Water Breathing