Ritual of Binding

Ritual of Binding
Name Ritual of Binding
Ritual Stones 24
Activation Crystal Weak Activation Crystal
Activation Cost 5,000 LP
Effect Creates bound item

The Ritual of Binding is a multi-block structure from Blood Magic used to make a Ritual with the effect of creating a bound item to the item used in the ritual.


Building a Ritual of Binding structure requires a total of 24 Ritual Stone of which 8 remain Ritual Stone and 4 each of the infused Air, Water, Fire and Earth Stone. You need the Elemental Inscription Tools to make one stone for each type. The stone is not single-use. These blocks are placed in a specific pattern around the central Master Ritual Stone: Fire (red) in the cardinal directions 2 blocks away and Air (cyan) 1 block away in a diagonal; the 8 Ritual Stones 1 block beyond and above these and finally place the 4 Water beyond the Fire Stones and the 4 Earth beyond the Air Stones, on top of the 8 Ritual Stones.


Effects are achieved by activating the ritual using a Weak Activation Crystal and 5,000 LP and dropping an item onto the Master Ritual Stone. After some pyrotechnics the dropped item transforms into the corresponding bound item and the ritual deactivates. It is advised to put out any fires set in the centre of the structure to avoid scorching the item.


The Ritual of Binding is used to create the following items:


  • A minimum of 10,000 LP in required in the Player's Soul network to activate the ritual.