Most rituals' effects can be enhanced by inserting a certain alchemic element (reagent) into the ritual's Master Ritual Stone. (For instance, injecting Potentia into a Ritual of Regeneration will increase its regeneration level, but also increase its LP cost.)

To begin, place a blood orb and an alchemic reagent of your choice into a Calcinator. The reagent will then be molten down to 1000AR, which are stored in the Calcinator's internal buffer.

Notes on transport and injection of these reagents:

  • The container is only able to send its contents by having a reagent and a destination designated. If you specify Sanctus to go to location A and Incendium to go to location B, sanctus would not be able to go to B without another link being made.
  • Each container has a maximum number of connections. The Belljar and the Calcinator can only send one type of reagent to one given destination, whereas the relay has more connections available. - When being filled, by default the reagents will attempt to fill all tanks in a given container. These can be marshalled, however, so that there is are maximum number of tanks designated for each substance. A relay can be set so that one tank may contain Sanctus, one tank may contain Aquasalus, and one tank may contain Terrae. Since there are only a maximum number of 2 tanks on a relay, the reagents will enter on a first come, first serve basis, but only those three may enter the relay.
  • If there is only one tank designated for a certain reagent, only that tank may be filled. There are a variety of items to help in this routing.