Warp is a type of debuff gained from various actions in the Thaumcraft 4 mod.

Types of Warp[edit]

Warp comes in three varieties:

  • Permanent warp: Gained from researching forbidden knowledge, this type of warp can only removed by using Sanitizing Soap in great amounts during about 10 hours. The amount of warp given from a forbidden research entry is displayed underneath it, in the form "Warp: (severity)" where severity can range from minor to taboo in regular thaumcraft, with taboo giving the most warp.
  • Warp (a.k.a sticky warp): Gained from researching forbidden knowledge and crafting forbidden items, this type of warp does not disappear over time. However, there are special means of removing it, f.e. Sanitizing Soap. This can also be aquired, with a small chance, from eating Zombie Brains.
  • Temporary warp: Gained from being attacked by Eldritch Guardians or using items which have "Warping" as a status effect, such as void metal tools and armour, void thaumaturge robes or even crimson cult equipment, this type of warp slowly disappears over time. This can also be aquired from armour and items with the warping effect which does not appear in the GUI as an effect. It gives the player temporary warp over time. This can also be aquired from eating Zombie Brains.

Effects of warp[edit]

Warp causes many problems for the player, but can also aid them in small ways. As the player accumulates more warp, effects are more common and have an increased effect. None of these effects can be cured by the normal methods of removing debuffs like milk, but some of the symptoms are avoidable with the right items. If player gains enough warp, one will unlock the Eldritch Researching Tab on the Thaunomicon, with even more warp unlocked, the player will get several endgame researches, such as Void Thaumaturge Armor.

Currently known effects:[edit]

  • Flux Flu: Increases player's vis cost by varying amounts until it wears off.
  • Flux Phage: Similar to flux flu, except that it can spread to other players and creatures if they are near anything that has the effect. Flux phage will degrade after repeated spreads until it turns into flux flu to prevent an infinite loop of flux phage.
  • Sun Scorned: The message "The light suddenly becomes overwhelming and burns your skin" is displayed and player's screen will have a severe brightness effect. While in light the character will frequently burst into flames and take fire damage. This can be countered by drinking fire resistance potions or wearing armour enchanted with Fire Protection. As of version, the effect will only occur in sunlight, but it's noticeably more dangerous than before.
  • Blurred Vision: Blurs the screen.
  • Blindness: Vanilla Minecraft blindness.
  • Unnatural Hunger: Tints the screen a reddish orange and rapidly depletes player's food bar. Eating Rotten flesh or Zombie Brains will cause the hunger to 'fade', reducing its severity and duration, while eating "regular" foods will sometimes extend the severity of the hunger.
  • Eldritch Guardians: The message "A thick fog appears from nowhere. Something stirs in its depths." is displayed and, based on the level of warp, 0 to 4 Eldritch Guardians will spawn.
  • Mind Spider Infestation: The message "They're Everywhere! Run!" is displayed and a massive number of Mind Spiders will spawn close to the character.
  • Deadly Gaze: The message "Your vision becomes strange and grim" is displayed and the screen will get black borders and a slight grey tint. Any player or creature not behind a block that can be seen on the screen of the player that has the effect will be stricken with the Wither effect or take 1-2 points of damage.
  • Whispers: The message "Strange whispers reveal secrets to you" is displayed and player will receive a single research point into any of the primal aspects. Once player gains enough warp the message "Strange whispers reveal secrets to you. Surely there must be a way to stop these headaches?" will be displayed. This message unlocks the topics for Purifying Bath Salts, the Arcane Spa, and Sanitizing Soap, on the Alchemy page.
  • Paranoia: Collection of warp events relating around the character being paranoid. Messages such as "What was that noise? Something is behind you" and "Something is following you" will be displayed. However, there will never be anything behind or following the player when these events occur, at least not as a result of this effect.
  • Thaumahria: The message "Your stomach suddenly gurgles very strangely" is displayed and flux goo will start to appear where the character stands. This will often cause flux flu as well.
  • Mining Fatigue: The message "You suddenly feel reluctant to break things" is displayed and player is given a severe amount of mining fatigue as per the potion effect.
  • Night vision: The message "Your perception suddenly expands" followed by the night vision potion effect.
  • Warp reduction: When the message "You have a moment of clarity" is displayed, some of player's regular warp will be removed.


  • During earlier versions of Thaumcraft 4, there existed only "warping", not varying types of warp. As such, when the "Eldritch Guardian" event occurred, the warp gained from that would soon cause another event, each time with more guardians due to there being more warp, leading to worlds being almost unplayable due to a gigantic number of guardians spawning in constantly.
  • The "Dangerous" levels of research are in Thaumcraft's mechanics but so far researches classed as dangerous have only been implemented in mods and addons.