Thaumic Revelations

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Thaumic Revelations
Thaumic Revelations
Name Thaumic Revelations
Creator Mortvana, MasterAbdoTGM50
Latest Version
Minecraft Version 1.7.10
Website CurseForge
Root Mod Thaumcraft 4

Thaumic Revelations, the spiritual successor to Thaumic Warden is a small addon to Thaumcraft 4 which adds several new items to the game, which is currently in development. It is currently being rewritten and will primarily add equipment in the alpha version. There are plans to add various things from Thaumcraft 2, Thaumcraft 3, Thaumcraft 5, and Thaumcraft 6, as well the Aspect Orb system, the spiritual successor to the attuning system of Thaumic Warden eventually.

The main, pre-rewrite part of this addon is a set of armor with infinite durability and the sword with infinite durability which can be attuned to every Aspect and will have unique properties. This armor will return in the re-written version, along with the sword, as the tier 5 wardenic armor.

Another useful feature added by this mod is Wand Focus: Illumination which allows the player to create magic light sources, like in Ars Magica 2. This too is planned to return in v0.0.6 along with Wesly's Hammer.

Pre-rewrite, this mod has very nicely designed lore behind the set of armor and sword available in several researches which have to be completed in a line to gain access to the items. Post re-write the lore will return, expanded to the entirety of the mod.

Future additions will include thaumic RF-based armor and tools, early access to eldritch equipment, new elemental thaumium tools, the Aspect Orb system, the Thaumb Watch (a way of suppressing thaumic memories), and essentia transmutation, among other thing.

The mod was temporarily discontinued by the developer and was to become a part of another mod by Mortvana - ProjectFluxGear, which is no longer in development. However he has returned to modding and is focusing on Thaumic Revelations now.