Giant Taintacle

Giant Taintacle
Mob Taintacle.png
Name Giant Taintacle
Health 155 (Heart.png x 77.5)
Damage 27 (Heart.png x 13.5)
Hostility true
Spawn Boss room in Eldritch Dimension
Score 50
Drops Primordial Pearl Primordial Pearl (1)
Rare Treasure Rare Treasure (1)
Source Mod Thaumcraft 4

Giant Taintacle is a boss mob added by the Thaumcraft 4 mod. Behaves similar to Taintacle but is much bigger in size and deals extremely high damage. Furthermore, it spawns in a group of 4, dealing total damage of 108 (or 54 hearts). This is more than Chaos Guardian does. Only the last of them killed will drop a pearl.

Fighting the Boss[edit]

Fighting this boss is relatively easy. Just keeping distance and using ranged weapon can help. But the problem is that if any of the 4 bosses have Undying buff, the best possible vanilla bow is still not enough to kill them. And going closer for melee attack will likely result in instant death. So, relying on debuffs more can be profitable. For example, Wand Focus: Pech's Curse and Wand Focus: Nine Hells can help much. But in some cases the boss can be almost unkillable due to combination of abilities.