GregTech 5

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GregTech 5
Name GregTech 5
Creator GregoriusT, BloodAsp
Latest Version 5.09.32pre6, 5.10.41
Minecraft Version 1.7.10, 1.10.2
Forum IC2 Forums
Root Mod Minecraft Forge, IndustrialCraft2
Modpacks Feed The Beast Resurrection

GregTech 5 is an addon mod that completely overhauls IndustrialCraft2 by adding numerous machines and materials, adjusting recipes for existing items, and revamping ore generation. GregTech 5 extends the gameplay by tweaking recepies for existing machines and items to be more complex and adding a wide range of completely new machinery.
It integrates well with most popular mods, including Applied Energistics 2, EnderIO, Mekanism and many more.

The official GregTech 5 has been replaced by GregTech 6, and as such will no longer receives updates or bugfixes.
However, a fork named GregTech5 Unofficial or GT5U is still being actively developed by BloodAsp.
GT5Us main feature is compatibility with Forge version 1335 and up. Additionally, it reintroduces some famous machines from GregTech 4, like the Quantum Tank/Chest, the Fusion Reactor and many more.
GT5U versions named 5.10.xx are compatible with Minecraft 1.10.2. For more info and downloads check this forum post.

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