Tainted Magic

Tainted Magic
Tainted Magic
Name Tainted Magic
Creator tadashi_3
Type Magic
Latest Version 8.0.X
Minecraft Version 1.7.10
Website Project Site
Root Mod Thaumcraft 4

Tainted Magic is a medium sized addon to Thaumcraft 4 which focuses on endgame powerful equipment. Most of the items from this mod require much effort to craft but they definitely worth it.

First, for all Crimson Cult fans this mod adds normal crafting recipes to all parts of armor the cultists use and also for Crimson Blade. It also adds the ability for all this armor to regenerate its durability just like Void Armor by adding Phial of Voidsent Blood.

For the player who always wondered why is there no boots for the best armor set in Thaumcraft 4 this mod finally presents a worthy one - Boots of the Voidwalker, which has everything the players wanted for these boots to have and even more, which makes them an extremely useful item for traveling and exploration.

2 versions of deeply upgraded Thaumium Fortress Armor also exists in this mod, and both new helmets can be upgraded just like the regular Thaumium Fortress Helm.

Powerful tools and weapons, such as Thaumic Disassembler or Edge of the Primordials will make mining and combat much easier while Flyte Charm allows the player to use creative flight in survival at the cost of some Vis.

If the player is not satisfied with the increased speed of Boots of the Voidwalker, one can equip Voidwalker's Sash of Runic Shielding, which allows travelling at enormous speed.

Wands added by this mod are able to hold up to 500 Vis of every type, and will fully regenerate its storage.

To suit fortress armor sets, the mod adds 3 versioins of powerful katanas which deal up to 30 hearts of damage per charged hit and can be customized by inscribing them in one of 3 different ways, which also makes their damage divine.

Finally, the player can use several very powerful and handy wand foci, which allow to change time of day, weather or emit a big shockwave pushing everything away.

This addon finally gives something which other addons lack - a nice endgame set of armor, tools, foci ect. which sets new goals even to the most experienced thaumaturges.