Eldritch Portal

Naturally found structure

Eldritch Portal is a structure added by the Thaumcraft 4 mod. It consists of:

  • 1 Dark Aura Node.
  • 1 Eldritch Altar below the node.
  • 6 Eldritch Obelisk blocks forming 1 floating obelisk above the node.
  • 8 Eldritch Capstones in circle of radius 3 around the Eldritch Altar.
  • 1 platform 5 blocks in height and 7x7 except corners horizontally right below the Eldritch Altar and Eldritch Capstones. It consists of 166 Obsidian Tiles and 59 Obsidian, which gives 225 blocks in total.

If the player tries to mine any of the following blocks of the structure: Eldritch Altar, Eldritch Obelisk, Eldritch Capstone, all the rest of these blocks will explode, destroying no other blocks but themselves and leaving no drops. These blocks can be moved by Spatial Pylons, Teleposers, Transvector Dislocators and other similar blocks though.

Eldritch Obelisk consists of 2 type of blocks with metadata of 1 and 2 respectively. First block with metadata 1 has the collision box of 1 block, but it carries the texture and the animation of the Obelisk. The other blocks have metadata 2 and they do not do anything other than take the space with their collision box. So, only the bottom-most block of the Obelisk can be moved, and here you have it - awesome unique decoration no one else does have.


Activated Eldritch Portal

This requires the player to have the research Opening the Eye completed. It is located in Eldritch Tab. See Warp page for more info on this tab and its requirements.


  • 1 Eldritch Portal that has all of its contents in place. The platform does not matter, of course, just don't leave the active blocks hanging in the air.
  • 4 Eldritch Eyes.
  • 1 Wand or Staff with 100 Vis of each type.

Opening the Portal[edit]

  1. Not necessary, but very recommended: enclose and light all the area near the portal (radius of 1 chunk should be enough). Cut all the trees and remove all dangers.
  2. Right-click 4 times on Eldritch Obelisk with Eldritch Eye in hand.
  3. Right-click the Dark Aura Node with the wand.
  4. The node will change into Eldritch Portal.
  5. Touch the Eldritch Portal to teleport to the Eldritch Dimension. DANGER! Look bugs section below.
  6. Visit the linked page for more information about the destination.

Portal as a Mob Grinder[edit]

Dark Aura Node in this structure can spawn 2 mobs: Eldritch Guardians and Furious Zombies. If it spawns zombies, and you want to farm them, which is not recommended, break everything but the Node and build a normal mob grinder, counting the node as a Monster Spawner.

If it spawns Eldritch Guardians, you are lucky. Here is the strategy on how to get the most efficient grinder:

  1. Dig 30-40 blocks below the portal, do not break any of its active components.
  2. If you have Thaumic Tinkerer 2 installed, setup 2-4 Corporeal Attractors and get Eldritch Guardian soul in a Soul Mould. Then apply a redstone pulse in 5 seconds with same delay to push the mobs from the portal and then to drop them in hole.
  3. If you don't have Thaumic Tinkerer 2 installed, setup a redstone pulse in 20-30 seconds with same delay and apply that to a piston that closes or opens way for water. Water should fall on top of the obelisk and flush the mobs towards the sides where they can fall down. Place layer of Signs so the water does not go down too much.
  4. Apply piston crushers same as for Blaze grinder on the bottom of the hole.
  5. Setup any collection system with or without exp grinder.
  6. Enjoy autospawning the rarest mob possible.


Can be used to auto-spawn Eldritch Guardians and Furious Zombies and to travel to Eldritch Dimension.

Known Bugs[edit]

  1. In version for Minecraft 1.7.10 the following can happen: upon entering the Eldritch Dimension the player falls to void and dies. To prevent this, a player has to activate the portal, count to 10 and then enter it. This is not a guaranteed solution, so it is advised to leave all valuable items in the Overworld. DO NOT: stand in the portal while activating it or activate the portal, then leave, then return after some time to enter it. This will almost guarantee the bug occurring. It can be useful for the player to take an Angel Block into the Eldritch Dimension, to prevent them from falling into the void if this bug occurs. As the labyrinth tube can not be mined using a pickaxe, a Teleposer from Blood Magic could be used to enter the labyrinth from the outside.