Thaumic Bases 1

Thaumic Bases 1
Thaumic Bases 1
Name Thaumic Bases 1
Creator Modbder
Latest Version 1.3.1710.4
Minecraft Version 1.7.10
Website CurseForge
Root Mod Thaumcraft 4

Thaumic Bases 1 is a big addon to Thaumcraft 4 which presents lots of various content.

  • Lots of magical plants this mod introduces allows the player to grow the materials which are traditionally hard to obtain. These plants are not game-breaking, they are nicely balanced to give more comfort to the player in terms of playing with Thaumcraft 4 and with other addons. For example, some sort of Milk which can remove effects of Warp the player has - Rosehip Syrup.
  • Many decoration blocks, all of them act as Infusion Stabilizers, which make them additionally useful things to have at the base. Some of the decorative blocks mimic the old alpha and beta textures vanilla blocks used to have, for example orange Block of Gold texture returned in Ancient Gold Block.
  • A very powerful and deeply customisable Thaumaturge's Revolver - perfect ranged weapon for all needs.
  • Very useful machines, allowing the player to push the limits of Minecraft and Thaumcraft 4. Fortune IV on the pickaxe and other cool enchantments becomes available with Overchanting Table. Always wanted a 3000 Vis Bright Hungry Aura Node at the base advanced thaumaturges are very proud to have, but can't find one? No problem, with Node Manipulation and Node Linking this wonderful node can be created from the worst nodes which have no usage, it just requires some time and patience.
  • Keen on using Wand Foci? The bracelets which provide massive discount and greately increase the potency of foci applied to them will definately be handy. They even hide with the player under Invisibility potion effect.
  • Hate spending time on potions but still want the cool buffs they provide? Try Magic Tobacco! 100% safe for the health and provides powerful lv2 buffs for more than 6 minutes. Can even wipe the player's Temporary Warp instantly.

This addon gives the player almost everything which can be associated with comfortable gameplay. And who doesn't like comfort?