Electro-Magic Tools

Electro-Magic Tools
Electro-Magic Tools
Name Electro-Magic Tools
Creator fewizz, TheSilentium
Latest Version 1.2.5
Minecraft Version 1.7.10
Website CurseForge
Root Mod Thaumcraft 4, IndustrialCraft2
Modpacks Hatpack
Test Pack Please Ignore

Electro-Magic Tools is a medium-sized cross-mod addon which adds compatibility between Thaumcraft 4 and IndustrialCraft2 Experimental.

It adds lots of new generators, big part of which being solar panels. These panels are present in a variety so wide that any player can find the best type for him/herself. Each of the 7 types present have unique abilities which give high advantages when used wisely. Another type of generators consume Essentia to create EU. This allows the player to get rid of some common types of Essentia and get lots of energy in return.

The mod also brings many electrical tools to the game, which can be divided by 4 sets: Iron, Diamond, Thaumium, Infused. Each set includes an electic saw, a drill and an omnitool. Also, the electric version of Scribing Tools is also present.

The mod finally solves the problem of the players required to carry 2 sets of armor in the inventory while playing with these mods. It introduces the item which is Goggles of Revealing and QuantumSuit Helmet in one, Boots of the Traveler and QuantumSuit Boots in one.

A set of wings added by this mod is something like a jetpack which does not require fuel and gives fall damage protection. As for other sets, different tiers of wings are present.

Amber Ore and Cinnabar Ore can now be processed in machines from IndustrialCraft2 Experimental just like other ores.

Finally, there are some relics added to dungeon loot which grant the player with unique abilities.

This mod is also very balanced, stable and nicely designed, which makes it definately worth playing with.