The Enchantress's Spell

The Enchantress's Spell
Name The Enchantress's Spell
Ritual Stones 68
Activation Crystal Awakened Activation Crystal
Activation Cost 50,000 LP
Effect Enchant Items

The Ritual The Enchantress's Spell is a multi-block structure from Blood Arsenal mod.


Building a Ritual "The Enchantress's Spell" structure requires the total of 68 Ritual Stones: 8 fire stones, 16 air stones, 20 water stones, 16 earth stones, 8 dusk stones.


Allows the enchanment of an item with multiple books at the same time costing LP(you do get the books back).


The Enchantress' Spell ritual needs 4 pedestals placed 1 block above and 3 blocks away in NSWE directions and a Blood Altar on top of the master ritual stone. You place the item you want to be enchanted in the altar, and the enchanted books (1 minimum, 4 maximum) in any of the pedestals. This Ritual consuming differently LP for the enchant, but 50,000 LP for the activation.