Redstone Flux

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Redstone Flux, denoted RF, is a power system introduced by Thermal Expansion. It is nearly identical in its mechanics to Minecraft Joules and serves as a replacement for them in certain mods as of Minecraft 1.6 and 1.7, most notably Thermal Expansion, but also a few others, such as MineFactory Reloaded and BuildCraft.

RF is generated by all Thermal Expansion Dynamos, and can be stored in any tier of Energy Cell. All Thermal Expansion 3 machines require RF energy, and can no longer run on MJ like their counterparts from Thermal Expansion. RF can automatically be converted into MJ at a rate of 10 RF to 1 MJ by simply connecting any tier of Energy Conduit to any MJ-consuming machine from another mod, such as BuildCraft or Forestry.

You can also multiply MJ by 0.4 for obtain RF (for example : 1 000 000 J * 0.4 = 400 000 RF)

      And divide by 0.4 for obtain MJ (400 000 / 0.4 = 1 000 000 J)

Other RF-compatible mods, machines and items include: