Signalum Security Lock

Signalum Security Lock
Signalum Security Lock

Name Signalum Security Lock
Source Mod Thermal Expansion 4
ID Name
First Appearance MC 1.7.10
Type Component
Stackable Yes (64)

The Signalum Security Lock is a crafting component added by Thermal Expansion. It is used for adding access control to Thermal Expansion 4 machines and containers, such as Satchels and Dynamos. This allows for extra security in modded servers, preventing other players from stealing inventory or resources such as stored energy.


The security tab as found on an Enervation Dynamo

When a compatible block or item is right clicked with a Signalum Security Lock, it will gain a new "Owner" field and a new tab in its GUI. The player who places the block or opens the item will become its owner. This allows them to change the access level of the item. There are three access levels:

  • Public Access: Selected by default, this allows any player to access and modify the block or item, including its contents.
  • Restricted: Access to and modification of the block or item are restricted to "friends" of the owner. The friends list is accessible with the /cofh friend (add|remove|gui) commands.
  • Owner Only: Only the owner of the block or item may access or modify its contents.

When the respective configuration option for CoFH Core is enabled, ops on multiplayer servers are able to access blocks and items that would normally be inaccessible to them. A second option is available to notify players of ops accessing their items without permission.


GUI Crafting Table.png
Signalum Nugget

Signalum Nugget
Bronze Ingot (Thermal Foundation)
Signalum Nugget
Signalum Nugget
Signalum Nugget
Signalum Nugget
Signalum Security Lock


The following items can have security added on to them:


  • The ownership mechanism and access control GUI was originally only used in Strongboxes in Thermal Expansion. Strongboxes no longer have this functionality by default.
  • Restricted and Owner Only access levels prevent any kind of interaction with neighboring blocks, such as Hoppers and Itemducts, which would otherwise be usable to bypass the security mechanism.
  • There is no way to give up or transfer ownership of a locked item in-game.