Name RotaryCraft
Creator Reika
Type Technological
Latest Version 1.7.10 V24c
Minecraft Version 1.7.10
Website RotaryCraft Page
Forum Minecraftforum
Add-on Mods ElectriCraft
Root Mod DragonAPI
Modpacks Feed The Beast Horizons
Feed The Beast Monster
Tech World 2

RotaryCraft is an industrial-style mod, akin to the likes of BuildCraft, IndustrialCraft2, and so on. Its name refers to the rotational power that is used as a power source by its machines; all of the machines in this mod use "shaft power" - a physical turning of shafts and gears - as a power source. This rotational power, as explained below, is the product of torque and rotational speed. Rotational Power is transferred by Shafts, Gearboxes, etc. to reach the machines. The main focus of the mod is realism, using real machine specification for power generation/consumption. Also, real world laws of physics are implemented for things such as heat dissipation. It adds absolutely no worldgen. RotaryCraft has a sister mod ReactorCraft (also by Reika), which ties in a nuclear component.

Note that all blocks from this mod must be broken with various pickaxes; using modded block breaking tools such as Mining Drills from Industrialcraft 2 or hammers from Tinker’s Construct will cause the blocks or machines to disintegrate. Reika says this is because drilling a hole in a machine or smashing a machine would not keep it intact.


RotaryCraft uses kinetic energy instead of electrical energy. The most important measurements for kinetic energy are as follows:

Measurement Unit Explanation
Torque (τ) Nm (Newtonmeters); 1 Nm = 1 N × 1 m Rotational force
Rotational speed (ω) rad/s (Radians per Second); 1 rad ≈ 57.295° Speed of rotation
Power (P) W (Watts) Torque × Speed (τ × ω); actual amount of energy