Power Converters

Power Converters
Name Power Converters
Creator Unknown
Type Power conversion
Latest Version 2.4.0
Minecraft Version 1.6.2
Website Minecraft Forum Thread
Root Mod Unspecified
Modpacks DNS Techpack
Feed The Beast 1.5.2 Beta Pack
Feed The Beast Monster
Feed The Beast Resurrection
Feed The Beast Ultimate
Feed The Beast Unleashed
JoeGaming ModPack
New World Mod Pack
Resonant Rise
Tech World 2
The Dark Trilogy
YogCraft Pack

Power Converters is a mod by PowerCrystals, author of other mods included in the Ultimate pack such as Nether Ores and MineFactory Reloaded. As with PowerCrystals' other mods, this mod requires PowerCrystals Core (akin to CodeChickenCore in function; library of core files needed for all mods related to it to operate properly) to function.

The Power Converters mod allows the player to easily convert energy from one form to another. It supports Charge from Factorization, EU from IndustrialCraft2, MJ from BuildCraft, Steam from Railcraft, Universal Electricity, and Redstone Flux from Thermal Expansion, although not all of these power systems are supported in all versions.

To convert power from one system to another, begin by placing an Energy Bridge block. Then, place Consumers and Producers adjacent to the Bridge based on your needs. As you might guess, Consumers will receive power from a particular system (designated in the full name of the Consumer) and Producers will similarly output power of their corresponding system. Power is converted between the various systems as detailed in the tables below.

Version 2.4.0 and later (FTB Monster and later)

EU 1 2/5 4
MJ 5/2 1 10
RF 1/4 1/10 1

Version 2.2.2 and earlier (FTB Ultimate, 1.1.3 and later)

EU MJ Steam Charge UE
EU 1 175/72 35/72 7/72 1/180
MJ 72/175 1 1/5 1/25 2/875
Steam 72/35 5 1 1/5 2/175
Charge 72/7 25 5 1 2/25
UE 180 875/2 175/2 25/2 1

Version 2.2.2 and earlier (FTB Ultimate 1.1.3 and earlier)

EU 1 175/72 35/72 35/72 1/180
MJ 72/175 1 1/5 1/5 2/875
Steam 72/35 5 1 1 2/175
Charge 72/35 5 1 1 2/175
UE 180 875/2 175/2 175/2 1

Each of the values listed above is a multiplicative conversion factor, used to convert from the system listed in the first column to the system listed in the first row.

For example, to convert 267 EU to RF in the newest version, the factor is 4, so 267 EU is equal to 267 * 4 = 1068 RF.

As you may notice, the Energy Bridge itself stores a certain amount of energy internally. In 2.2.2 and prior, this amount is roughly equivalent to 9000 EU. In 2.4.0 and later, the amount is actually displayed in a tooltip, and maxes out at 6,566 EU.

It should be noted that Blutricity is not directly supported, although it can be first converted to MJ using a Blulectric Engine and then converted again with Power Converters.