Material Energy^5

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Material Energy^5
Name Material Energy^5
Creator Greninja_San
Launcher FTB App
Latest Version 1.1.1
Minecraft Version 1.12.2
Website CurseForge

Material Energy^5: Entity, aslo known as Material Energy^5 or simply Entity, is the sequel of Material Energy^4. It is the third modpack in main series. The space station set to autonomously hold all of reality together has sent out a distress call: “Error: Universe not found. Catastrophic failure.” The player has to save the universe by collecting and constructing powerful items and machines. Just like in other Material modpacks, the adventures of the player span across several dimensions and spatially stored dungeons.

Mod List[edit]

Version 1.0.5 of Material Energy^5 includes the following mods by default:

Name Version
SBM Jukebox 0.0.1b8
A Lib 1.0.12
AE2 Wireless Terminal Library 1.12.2-1.0.34
Alchemistry 1.0.38
AppleSkin mc1.12-1.0.9
Applied Energistics 2 rv6-stable-7
Avaritia 1.1x 3.13.0
B.A.S.E 1.12.2-3.13.0
Baubles 1.12-1.5.2
Bedrock Ores MC1.12-
Big Beatiful Buttons 1.12.2-1.1.3
Chameleon 1.12-4.1.3
Chisel 1.12.2-
Clumps 3.1.2
CodeChickenLib 1.12.2-
CoFH Core 1.12.2-
CoFH World 1.12.2-
ConnectedTexturesMod MC1.12.2-
ContentTweaker 1.12.2-4.9.1
Controlling 3.0.9
Crafting Tweaks 1.12.2-8.1.9
CraftTweaker 1.12-4.1.20
Custom Main Menu MC1.12.2-
Cyclops Core 1.12.2-1.6.0
Ding 1.12.2-1.0.2
Dynamic Surroundings 1.12.2-
EnderIO 1.12.2-5.1.55
EnderCore 1.12.2-0.5.74
Everlasting Abilities 1.12.2-1.5.2
Extra Utilities 2 1.12-1.9.9
ExtraCells 2 1.12.2-2.6.5
Fast Leaf Decay v14
FastWorkbench 1.12.2-1.7.3
FoamFix 0.10.10-1.12.2
Forge MultiPart CBE 1.12.2-
FTB Library
FTB Quests
Fx Control! 1.12-0.1.14
HoloInventory 1.12.2-
Hwyla 1.8.26-B41_1.12.2
In Control! 1.12-3.9.16
Inventory Tweaks 1.63
It's the little things 1.12.2-1.0.2
Item Filters
Just Enough Items 1.12.2-
Light Level Overlay Reloaded 1.1.6-mc1.12.2
Lockdown 1.12.1-7.0.1-universal
MCDJ 1.12.2-1.2
Metallurgy 4: Reforged 0.3.2
Moar Tinkers 0.6.0
ModTweaker 4.0.18
More Beautiful Buttons 1.12.2-
More Overlays 1.15.1-mc1.12.2
Mouse Tweaks 2.10-mc1.12.2
MTLib 3.0.6
NoMoreRecipeConflict 0.13(1.12.2)
No Nether Portals v1.0.0formc1.12.2
OpenBlocks 1.12.2-1.8.1
OpenModsLib 1.12.2-0.12.2
OreLib 1.12.2-
p455w0rd's Library 1.12.2-2.3.161
Perfect Spawn MC1.12.2-2.1
Placebo MC1.12.2-1.6.0
Project E 1.12.2-PE1.4.1
Project EX
Quadrum 0.8.1-MC1.12.2
ReAuth 3.6.0
Redstone Flux 1.12-
Resource Loader MC1.12.1-1.5.3
Shadowfacts' Forgelin 1.8.4
SignEdit 1.12.2-5
Sound Events 1.12-1.0.3
SpacialCompat 1.3
SpacialCompat 1.3
Storage Drawers 1.12.2-5.4.1
TAIGA 1.12.2-1.3.4
Thermal Dynamics 1.12.2-
Thermal Expansion 1.12.2-
Thermal Foundation 1.12.2-
Tinkers Construct 1.12.2-
Tinkers' Tool Leveling 1.12.2-1.1.0
Toast Control 1.12.2-1.8.1
Translocators 1.8.+ 1.12.2-
UniDict 1.12.2-2.9.6
WanionLib 1.12.2-2.4
Wireless Crafting Terminal 1.12.2-3.12.97
WorldEdit forge-mc1.12.2-6.1.10-dist
Xtones 1.12-1.0.8-11