Feed The Beast Builders Paradise

Feed The Beast Builders Paradise
Feed The Beast Builders Paradise
Name Feed The Beast Builders Paradise
Creator The FTB Team
Launcher Feed The Beast Launcher
Latest Version 1.0.0
Minecraft Version 1.12.2
Website Project page

The Feed The Beast Builders Paradise modpack from the FTB Team.

Launcher Description[edit]

In stark contrast to the tech heavy, goal orientated skyblock packs of late, FTB is proud to bring you BUILDERS PARADISE, a pack that celebrates the beauty and majesty of modded Minecraft.

With all the appeal of standard overworld kitchen sink familiarity but stocked to the rafters with mods that provide aesthetically pleasing blocks and items designed to embellish the creativity of both survival and creative players alike.

You'll still find some of your trusted tech friends here such as Applied Energistics, Forestry, Immersive Engineering, and Thermal Expansion along with the titans of magic like Thaumcraft, Botania, and Astral Sorcery but the true stars of the pack are the buildings mods. Fairy Lights, Fancy Lamps, Blockcraftery, Little Tiles, and Architecturecraft are just a few of the options and when paired with building aids like BetterBuilders wands and Chisel, well, the sky is the limit! The inclusion of ProjectEX providing easy access to bulk materials through EMC enhances the flow of the build centric gameplay so there's nothing stopping you from completing your Minecraft masterpiece!


The 1.0.0 Version of the modpack include the following 133 mods:

Name Version
AE2 Wireless Terminals (AE2WTLib) 1.0.6
AppleSkin 1.0.9
Applied Energistics 2 rv6-stable-6
ArchitectureCraft 3.80
Astral Sorcery 1.10.17
Attribute Fix 1.0.4
AutoRegLib 1.3-28
Baubles 1.5.2
Bed Patch 2.2
Better Builder's Wands 0.13.2
BetterFps 1.4.8
Binnie's Genetics
Biomes O' Plenty 7.0.1
Blockcraftery 1.2.0
Blocklayering Mod 1.0.2
Bonsai Trees 1.1.2-b144
Botania r1.10-361
Building Gadgets 2.6.8
Ceramics 1.3.7
Chameleon 4.1.3
Chisels & Bits 14.32
Client Tweaks 3.1.11
CoFH Core
CoFH World
CompactStorage 3.1-12
ComPatchedStorage 1.5.1
Controlling 3.0.6
Crafting Tweaks 8.1.9
CraftTweaker2 4.1.17
CreativeCore 1.7
Custom Main Menu 2.0.9
Default Options 9.2.8
Diet Hopper 1.1
Dynamic Surroundings
EMC Builder's Wand 1.2
Engineer's Doors 0.8.0
Extra Bit Manipulation 3.4.1
Fairy Lights 2.1.6
Fancy Lamps 1.1.0
FastFurnace 1.3.0
FastWorkbench 1.7.0
Flat Colored Blocks 6.7
FoamFix 0.10.5
Shadowfacts' Forgelin 1.8.2
FTB Library
FTB Utilities
FTB Utilities: Backups
MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod 6.2.0
Harvestables 1.2.1
Immersive Engineering 0.12-89
Inventory Tweaks 1.64+dev.146.2180b27
Item Filters
Item Zoom 1.11
Just Enough Items
JourneyMap 5.5.5b5
Just Enough Energistics 1.0.6
JustEnoughIDs 1.0.2-26
Just Enough Resources 0.8.9
Let's Encrypt Craft 1.2.0
Main Menu Scale 1.3.2
MalisisCore 6.5.1-SNAPSHOT
MalisisDoors 7.3.0
Marble Crafting Table 1.0.2
MineTogetherServer 2.1.3
Mod Name Tooltip 1.10.0
Mod Tweaker 4.0.17
More Beautiful Buttons
MoreOverlays 1.14
Morpheus 3.5.106
Mouse Tweaks 2.10
MTLib 3.0.6
Mystical Lib 1.1.1
Neat 1.4-17
NetherPortalFix 5.3.17
No Mob Spawning on Trees 1.2.2
Not Enough Roofs
OpenBlocks 1.8.1
OpenModsLib 0.12.2
OreExcavation 1.4.140
OreLib Support Mod
p455w0rdslib 2.1.44
ProjectE PE1.4.1
Project EX
Quark r1.5-148
ReAuth 3.6.0
Reborn Core
Redstone Flux
Resource Loader 1.5.3
Rustic 1.1.0
Server Level Type 1.2
Simple Teleporters 1.11.2-2.1.2
Simply Backpacks 1.2.2
Simply Light 0.6.0
Smooth Font 1.16.2
Snow Variants 1.0.0
Splash Animation 0.2.1
Stone Chest 1.0.4
Storage Drawers 5.3.8
Tinkers' Construct
Thaumcraft 6 6.1.BETA26
ThaumicJEI 1.5.8-26
The One Probe 1.4.28
Thermal Cultivation
Thermal Dynamics
Thermal Expansion
Thermal Foundation
Thermal Innovation
Tinkers Tool Leveling 1.1.0
TipTheScales 1.0.4
TOP Addons 1.11.0
The Twilight Forest 3.8.689
UniDict 2.9.2
Unlimited Chisel Works 0.2.0
Unlimited Chisel Works - Botany Compat 0.1.2
Vanilla Builders Extension 1.0.9
WanionLib 2.2
Wireless Crafting Terminal 2 3.11.88
Xtones 1.0.8-11
YAMDA 1.0.2