Biomes O' Plenty

Biomes O' Plenty
Biomes O' Plenty
Name Biomes O' Plenty
Creator TDWP_FTW, ted80, Amnet and Adubbz, Glitchfiend
Type World Generator
Latest Version
Minecraft Version 1.7.10-1.15.2
Website CurseForge
Forum Minecraft Forums
Root Mod Minecraft Forge
Modpacks Bevo's Tech Pack
Crundee Craft
DNS Techpack
Direwolf20 1.10
Direwolf20 1.12 Pack
Direwolf20 1.5 Pack
Direwolf20 1.6 Pack
Direwolf20 1.7 Pack
Feed The Beast 1.5.2 Beta Pack
Feed The Beast Builders Paradise
Feed The Beast Horizons
Feed The Beast Horizons III
Feed The Beast Infinity Evolved
Feed The Beast Infinity Lite 1.10
Feed The Beast Monster

Biomes O' Plenty is a mod which introduces 80 new biomes and 12 sub-biomes to the game, many of which have new blocks, mobs and biome-specific plants compared to vanilla world. To create a world with Biomes O' Plenty biomes, world type "Biomes O' Plenty" should be selected instead of "Standard", "Superflat", etc.

This mod also adds more variance to tools and armor, new equipment and plants and food, new sources of color, new ranged weapon and some other engaging blocks to build with.This mod is also compatible with Mystcraft, as most of the biomes (with few exceptions) can be found as pages.


The following biomes are added by the mod. All information is based on the default configuration.

Note: Tables are sortable! Click the headings to sort by that value.

Overworld Biomes[edit]

The following biomes can all be found in the overworld, assuming a default config is being used. Any of these biomes, as well as the vanilla biomes, can be toggled with the Biomes O' Plenty config file.

Click Expand to view the list of biomes:

Warning: Very long list

ID Biome Description Gem Image
170 Alps Tall, snowy mountains that go above the clouds, with spruce trees scattered around. Tanzanite
171 Arctic A flat, frozen wasteland covered in snow and ice. Tanzanite
172 Badlands A barren wasteland of hills covered in clay of different colors and hardened sand. Ruby
173 Bamboo Forest Tall bamboo trees overlook a flat, vibrant land with shrubs, bushes, and ferns. Topaz
Bamboo Forest.png
174 Bayou Overcast skies overlook a lush swampy area with tall willow trees and murky water. Mud, Algae and Cattails are common. Apatite
175 Birch Forest Peaceful forest covered in only birch trees and clover. Emerald
Birch Forest.png
176 Bog A swampy forest with tall, sparse trees, bushes, and mud. Algae can be found on some of the water surrounding the biome. Apatite
177 Boreal Forest A thick, temperate forest with birch, oak, and spruce trees. Emerald
Boreal Forest.png
178 Brushland A dry forest with short trees, bushes, and scattered thorns. Apatite
179 Canyon Hills and valleys composed of hardened dirt with small patches of grass. Acacia and pine trees are common. Aloe can sometimes be found. Red Rock is common in the cliffs. Ruby
180 Chaparral A hilly landscape with pockets of exposed stone, small shrubs, and bushes. Horses will spawn in this biome. Peridot
181 Cherry Blossom Grove Pink and white cherry trees overlook a forest of pale green grass, anemones, tulips, and clover. Emerald
Cherry Blossom Grove.png
182 Coniferous Forest Tall fir trees cover a temperate, and somewhat hilly region. Emerald
Coniferous Forest.png
184 Crag Rough mountains with jagged peaks stretching to the height limit, deep, dark waters, and a dark, teal sky above. Crag Rock is found all over its surface. Sapphire
185 Dead Forest A relatively empty forest with Dead Wood, Dying Leaves, Thorns and Shrubs. Spruce and oak trees can spawn here as well. Silverfish and Silverfish blocks can spawn rarely. There is a large abundance of caverns in this biome. Peridot
Dead Forest.png
188 Deadlands Smokey ash, smoldering grass, scattered fire, red-as-blood water, deep sinkholes, and the occasional group of Creepers can be found in the Deadlands. Sapphire
187 Dead Swamp A low-lying swamp with dead trees, dark blue waters, and mud. Witch huts can spawn rarely. Apatite (Biomes O' Plenty)|Apatite]]
Dead Swamp.png
189 Deciduous Forest A thick forest with tall trees and shrubs. Emerald
Deciduous Forest.png
190 Dunes Steep, rolling hills of sand, with patches of dune grass, and a dusty sky above. Ruby
191 Fen A dying, swampy forest with mud, cattails, toadstools, and other swampy goodness. Apatite
192 Field A temperate field with lots of roses, bushes, and sections of forested land. Horses will spawn in this biome. Peridot
193 Frost Forest A frozen forest covered in frost, with snowy skies above. Tanzanite
Frost Forest.png
194 Fungi Forest A very lush forest with trees, all kinds of mushrooms, giant mushrooms, patches of mycelium, and mooshrooms. None
Fungi Forest.png
195 Garden Lush fields of long grass, covered assorted flowers, grasses, and giant flowers. A native mob to the Garden, Rosesters, can also be found here. Peridot
196 Glacier Snow and hardened ice make up the Glacier biome. Tanzanite
197 Grassland Rolling hills of green grass with lots of sugar cane and ponds. Meant to represent the old Swamps from Beta 1.7.3 and below (When they didn't really look like swamps). Horses will spawn in this biome. Peridot
60 Gravel Beach A variation of the vanilla Beach biome, but with gravel instead of sand. None
Gravel Beach.png
198 Grove A relatively flat forest filled with poplar trees and small bushes. Lots of clover can be found scattered around the dark green grass. Emerald
199 Heathland A somewhat flat landscape with lots of oak trees, jacaranda shrubs, and wildflowers. Horses will spawn in this biome. Peridot
200 Highland Thick grassy hills and cliffs covered in High Grass. Emerald
201 Hot Springs Lots of natural hot springs surrounded by a pine and spruce forest. Spring water gives the Regeneration effect, which heals players, as well as a new Nourishment effect, which restores hunger. Lava is very frequently found underground in this biome. Sapphire
Hot Springs.png
202 Icy Hills Thick, snowy hills with magical ice trees under a snowy sky. Snow Golems spawn naturally here. Tanzanite
Icy Hills.png
203 Jade Cliffs The winning biome from the 100 Page Celebration contest. Jagged cliffs with shrubs and pine trees, under a jade sky. Emerald
Jade Cliffs.png
204 Lush Desert A lush, red rock desert with Acacia trees, shrubs, wildflowers, and pockets of sand and grass scattered around. Ruby
Lush Desert.png
205 Lush Swamp Meant to represent the original Swamplands biome in Beta 1.8, without any dark grass/foliage/water shading, and tall ivy trees. Cattails and mushrooms are plentiful. Apatite
Lush Swamp.png
206 Mangrove An aquatic forest with thick, deep-rooted mangrove trees and shrubs. Sapphire
210 Maple Woods A hilly, peaceful woodland with red maple trees, and the occasional spruce tree. Emerald
Maple Woods.png
211 Marsh Sections of scattered grass, tall grass, high grass, and water make up the Marsh. Sapphire
212 Meadow Spruce trees and bushes cover a hilly area with sections of forest spread out among it. Horses will spawn in this biome. Peridot
213 Mesa A red rock mountain landscape with desert grass, and a sandy, orange sky. Ruby
214 Moor A dreary, mountainous landscape with lots of ponds, mud, and swampflowers. Horses will spawn in this biome. Emerald
215 Mountain A hilly forest of drab green oak and pine trees. Emerald
216 Mystic Grove A magical land of tall Magic Trees, blue grass and glowing flowers. Pools of Spring Water can be found occasionally. Witches will spawn in this biome. None
Mystic Grove in the evening
217 Oasis Palm trees and ponds with grass surrounding them make up the Oasis. Spring Water can rarely be found. Quicksand is very common. Topaz
218 Ominous Woods A creepy, dark forest with dark trees, deathblooms, dark purple grass and foliage, and a dark, ominous sky. Bats can be found flying around in the Ominous Woods as well. None
Ominous Woods in the evening
219 Orchard Summer is here in a forest with bright yellow-green grass, berry bushes, sunflowers, dandelions, and all kinds of other flowers. Trees in the Orchard can grow with leaves that have a very high chance of dropping apples. The apple leaves will grow apples that can be picked with Right-Click. A great place to start out in due to the abundance of food. Peridot
220 Origin Valley A lush area made to resemble Minecraft before biomes were actually added, with bright green trees, vibrant grass, and a clear blue sky. None
Origin Valley.png
221 Outback Patches of grass mixed in with hard sand, covered in small shrubs. Ruby
222 Pasture A relatively flat field of barley. Peridot
223 Polar A flat, icy wasteland. Tanzanite
224 Prairie A dry, yet lush field with an assortment of grasses, anemones, and a few trees here and there. Horses will spawn in this biome. Peridot
225 Quagmire A barren pit of mud with patches of grass and frequent dead trees, with muddy water and overcast skies above. Apatite
226 Rainforest A lush, dense land with tons of oak and birch trees covering a very hilly terrain. Lots of different flowers can be found here. Ocelots can be found running around in the Rainforest as well. Topaz
227 Redwood Forest Huge redwood trees overlook a hilly landscape of shrubs and ferns. Emerald
Redwood Forestbiome.png
228 Sacred Springs Bright blue skies overlook a hilly region overgrown with shrubs, with lots of flowing water springs. Sapphire
Sacred Springs.png
229 Savanna A flat, dry land with acacia trees, tall and short grass, shrubs, wildflowers, and the occasional clover. Horses will spawn in this biome. Ruby
230 Scrubland A dying grassland with shrubs, bushes, and other foliage. Ruby
231 Seasonal Forest Autumn colors in a mixed forest of oak and birch trees, with scattered spruce trees. Emerald
Seasonal Forest.png
234 Shrubland A flat grassland with sparse shrubs, bushes, and short grass. Not to be confused with Scrubland. Horses will spawn in this biome. Peridot
232 Shield Based on the Canadian Shield, the Shield biome has spruce, fir, and pine trees, exposed stone, gravel lining the shores, and lots of lakes. None
235 Sludgepit Low-lying, murky area covered in mud, with thick trees looming over. Apatite
183 Snowy Coniferous Forest A snowy version of the Coniferous Forest. Tanzanite
Snowy Coniferous Forest.png
186 Snowy Dead Forest A snowy version of the Dead Forest, but with more dead trees, and less dying/spruce trees. Tanzanite
Snowy Dead Forest.png
236 Spruce Woods Meant to represent the snowless Taiga from Beta 1.8, but with more tall grass, slightly taller trees, and sprouts. Emerald
Spruce Woods in late afternoon
237 Steppe Dead grass covers a flat landscape with patches of sand. Horses will spawn in this biome. Ruby
238 Temperate Rainforest Tall trees, often covered in moss, as well as willow trees loom over the hills of shrubs and fern below. Emerald
Temperate Rainforestbiome.png
239 Thicket A thick, overgrown forest with shrubs and thorns, which hurt you if you walk into them. None
240 Timber A dense forest with tall, decaying oak trees, shrubs, and toadstools. Emerald
241 Tropical Rainforest Dense broadleaf trees covering a relatively flat Tropical Rainforest with orange daisies and lots of Ocelots. The occasional melon can also be found in the Tropical Rainforest, along with sections of high grass. Topaz
Tropical Rainforest.png
242 Tropics A tropical paradise of palm trees, orange daisies, anemones, and clear blue skies. Topaz
243 Tundra Dead grass, shrubs, boulders, and gravel bordering the shores. Tanzanite
244 Volcano A smoke filled sky is casted over a volcanic land of dark, ashy stone with flowing lava and pockets of ash. Many lava pools can be found beneath the surface. None
245 Wasteland Dried dirt, dead grass, and scattered dead trees cover a flat, barren land with ponds of Liquid Poison and hazy skies. None
246 Wetland A lively, swamp-like area with willow trees, spruce trees, ferns, cattails, and swampflowers. Mud can often be found bordering the land. Apatite
247 Woodland A dry forest made up of only oak trees, as well as fallen logs. Emerald
248 Xeric Shrubland A dry biome with small hills of sand, grass, and dirt. It also has a couple flowers and dune grass. None


Sub-biomes are smaller biomes contained within regular overworld biomes. They exist to add more variation to each biome.

Click Expand to show the list of sub-biomes:

ID Biome Description Gem Image
42 Alps Forest Alps Forest is an Alps sub-biome. It is lower and covered in spruce trees similar to Alps Mountainside. The Alps Forest is the only part of the Alps biome that is not covered in snow. The temperature and humidity are both normal in this sub-biome, clashing with the icy and arid temperatures in the rest of the Alps. Tanzanite
Alps Forest.png
43 Alps Mountainside Alps mountainside is an Alps sub-biome. While the alps stretch up to the 256m world height, Alps Mountainside only goes to 128m. This gives the mountain some definition by adding valleys. Spruce trees grow in this area more commonly. Tanzanite
Alps Mountainside.png
49 Canyon Ravine The Canyon Ravine is a Canyon sub-biome. Unlike the tall cliffs of the Canyon biome, the Canyon Ravine is a very flat area, usually a valley. Pine trees and small patches of grass are common in this area. Ruby
Canyon Ravine.png
40 Forested Field A sub-biome of the Field. There are a few spruce trees scattered in this area. Peridot
Forested Field.png
50 Meadow Forest The Meadow Forest is a Meadow sub-biome. It is very similar to the Meadow, but it has more hills and a higher concentration of Spruce Trees. Peridot
Meadow Forest.png
46 Pasture Meadow A Pasture sub-biome. This small area has a lot of grass and some sunflowers. Peridot
Pasture Meadow.png
39 Savanna Plateau Savanna Plateau is a sub-biome in the Savanna. It is a significantly raised portion in the otherwise flat expanse of the rest of the biome. Ruby
Savanna Plateau.png
41 Seasonal Spruce Forest A sub-biome of the Seasonal Forest that has patches of Spruce Trees among the autumn trees. Emerald
Seasonal Spruce Forest.png
47 Thick Ominous Woods An Ominous Woods sub-biome. Trees grow very close together here and dark trees can occasionally grow 2x2 in diameter. None
Thick Ominous Woods.png
48 Thick Shrubland A Shrubland sub-biome. This section has a higher concentration of bushes, shrubs and flowers. Peridot
Thick Shrubland.png
45 Thinned Pasture A Pasture sub-biome. The barley is interspersed with patches of grass. Peridot
Thinned Pasture.png
44 Thinned Timber A sub-biome of Timber. The trees in this biome are much more sparsely populated, making a clearing. Emerald
Thinned Timber.png

Nether Biomes[edit]

Biomes O' Plenty adds five unique biomes to the Nether in addition to the Vanilla "Hell" biome.

Click Expand to show the list of Nether Biomes:

ID Biome Description Gem Image
111 Boneyard Tall, boney spines sticking out of the ground and ceiling of the Nether. None
109 Corrupted Sands A soulsand wasteland with thorns and tiny cacti scattered about. None
Corrupted Sands.png
110 Phantasmagoric Inferno A hot area with lots of lavafalls, lava pools, fire, and smoldering grass. None
Phantasmagoric Inferno.png
113 Undergarden An overgrown area of the Nether with Hellbark bushes, hanging ivy, patches of netherwart, and different types of mushrooms. None
112 Visceral Heap A fleshy area with lots of Eye Bulbs, occasionly pools of blood can also be found here. None
Visceral Heap.png

Promised Land Biomes[edit]

The Promised Land is a dimension added by Biomes O' Plenty, accessed by crafting an Ancient Staff. This dimension has 3 different biomes, listed below.

Click Expand to show the list of Promised Land Biomes:

ID Biome Description Gem Image
64 Blessed Bog Many oak trees covered with Ivy can be found in this area along with Blue Milk Caps, Toadstools and Tulips. Pools of Spring Water are abundant. Amethyst
Blessed Bog.png
63 Majestic Meadow Fields of Purified Tall Grass and small Loftwood bushes fill the Majestic Meadow. A few taller loftwood trees can be found occasionally. Amethyst
Majestic Meadow.png
62 Wonderous Woods There is lots of tree cover in this area. Loftwood and 2x2 oak trees fill the sky while large bushes cover the undergrowth. Magic Wood, Blue Milk Caps and tulips can be found here as well. This is the only place you can find Chromaflora, a strobing, rainbow flower. Amethyst
Wonderous Woods.png

Promised Land[edit]

Main Article: Promised Land
Promised Land.png

The Promised Land was a dimension added by some versions of Biomes O' Plenty (and removed for Minecraft 1.7 onwards). It was made to represent the skylands teased by Mojang before The End was released. The Promised Land was a collection of floating islands made from Skystone and Purified Grass. It is the only place that Loftwood Trees and Chromaflora will grow naturally. In addition, it was the only place that the player can find Celestial Crystals and Amethyst. A big appeal of the Promised Land was the eternal day and no mob spawning* of any kind.

Accessing the Promised Land requires use of an Ancient Staff, needing the 6 gems added by Biomes O' Plenty, End Stone and a Nether Star, meaning the player will have to both defeat the Wither and venture into The End before the Promised Land can be reached. Using the staff will turn it into a Depleted Ancient Staff and create a portal to the Promised Land directly overhead. A portal to the Promised Land can only be created in the overworld. Using the staff in another dimension will have no effect. The Depleted Ancient Staff can be recombined with a new Nether Star to create a new Ancient Staff.

  • Other mods may cause hostile or passive mob spawning in the Promised Land, spawning issues were one of the causes leading to removal of the area from the mod.


Biomes O' Plenty adds 6 new gems to the game along with their corresponding ores. The gems added include Ruby, Peridot, Topaz, Tanzanite, Apatite, and Sapphire. All of the gems have entries in the ore dictionary except for Apatite (for balancing purposes with Forestry's Apatite). Their rarity is the same as that of the vanilla Emerald and can be found spawning between y=4 and y=32. Like the Emerald, all the gems added by Biomes O' Plenty can be found only in biomes of a specific type, listed below. They can also be found as loot in temples and dungeons. The Fortune enchant works on all of the ores, giving the player between 1 and 16 gems with Fortune III.

The gems have two uses beyond decoration. They are required to craft the Ancient Staff to access the Promised Land and they are used in the Sacrificial Altar to summon an Ender Dragon. All 6 gems must be found to create either of these things.

There is also a 7th gem, Amethyst, which can only be found in the Promised Land. It can be used to craft tools and armor at a tier higher than Diamond. It can also be used to craft an Amethyst Bucket that can pick up Spring Water.

Gem Locations[edit]

Biomes O'Plenty has specific locations for gems when using the default config. The gems are all found in biomes of a specific type:

  • Emerald : found in Forest/Mountain-type biomes
  • Ruby : found in Desert-type biomes
  • Peridot : found in Grassland-type biomes
  • Topaz : found in Jungle/Tropical-type biomes
  • Tanzanite : found in Snow-type biomes
  • Malachite : found in Swamp-type biomes
  • Amber : new gem added in 1.7.2 ; found in River and Grove biomes, other locations unknown yet

The following is a list of specific biomes in which gems can be found.

Emerald Ruby Peridot Topaz Tanzanite Malachite Sapphire

Birch Forest, Boreal Forest, Cherry Blossom Grove, Coniferous Forest, Deciduous Forest, Extreme Hills, Forest, Grove, Highland, Jade Cliffs, Maple Woods, Moor, Mountain, Redwood Forest, Seasonal Forest, Seasonal Spruce Forest, Spruce Woods, Temperate Rainforest, Thinned Timber, Timber, Woodland

Badlands, Canyon, Canyon Ravine, Desert, Dunes, Lush Desert, Mesa, Outback, Savanna, Savanna Plateau, Scrubland, Steppe

Chaparral, Field, Forested Field, Garden, Grassland, Heathland, Meadow, Meadow Forest, Orchard, Pasture, Pasture Meadow, Plains, Prairie, Shrubland, Thick Shrubland, Thinned Pasture

Bamboo Forest, Jungle, Oasis, Rainforest, Tropical Rainforest, Tropics

Alps, Alps Forest, Alps Mountainside, Arctic, Frost Forest, Glacier, Icy Hills, Polar, Snowy Coniferous Forest, Snowy Dead Forest, Taiga, Tundra

Bayou, Bog, Dead Swamp, Fen, Lush Swamp, Quagmire, Sludgepit, Swampland, Wetland

Coral Reef, Crag, Hot Springs, Kelp Forest, Mangrove, Marsh, Sacred Springs


Biomes O' Plenty adds a lot of plants and new kinds of stone and soil to the world generation. The following are added by the mod:




Most flowers can be made into dye of their respective colors.


Other Plants and Structures[edit]


Along with the terrain changes, Biomes O' Plenty adds some useful tools and items. Most of these are crafted using the features Biomes O' Plenty adds to the terrain.


  • Mud Armor
    • An armor tier before leather that provides only 2 armour icons with a full set.
    • Has less than half the durability of leather.
  • Amethyst Armor
    • An armor tier beyond Diamond with about 100 extra durability and far superior damage resistance.
    • Wearing a full suit will let the player take a creeper explosion at full force without receiving damage.
  • Flower Band
    • Crafted with flowers and, when worn, entice passive animals to follow the player.


  • Mud Tools
    • Very basic tools that have only 32 points of durability.
    • All vanilla tools can be made with Mud.
  • Amethyst Tools
    • 2013 durability points. A tier above diamond tools
    • All vanilla tools can be made with Amethyst, but require iron ingots instead of sticks.
  • Dart Blower
    • Can use darts and poison darts as projectile weapons similar to a bow.
  • Scythe
    • A tool resembling the Sickle from RedPower 2.
    • It is used as a faster alternative to clearing tall grass, crops and leaves.
    • Can be made with Mud, Wood, Stone, Iron, Gold, Diamond, or Amethyst.
    • A higher tier has more durability, works faster and clears more space at a time.



Sacrificial Altar[edit]

Main Article: Sacrificial Altar

The Sacrificial Altar is a multiblock structure that is used to summon an Ender Dragon. It requires a villager sacrifice on the altar to start. More than one Ender Dragon can be summoned at once, but will require additional sacrificial altars, as the summon causes an explosion that destroys the altar. The dragon can be spawned in any dimension, but may have unexpected effects if spawned outside of The End. Keep in mind the dragon will destroy any block it flies through that isn't Obsidian or Bedrock so spawning it near something important is not a good idea. The altar requires 4 Altar Frames, one Sacrificial Focus, a Soul Manipulator, and 4 of each of the 6 gems. It will also require 3 Wither Skulls for the Ghastly Souls to be used in the focus and the soul manipulator. The Sacrificial Focus requires Celestial Crystals which means the player will have to venture into the Promised Land before the Sacrificial Altar can be built.

After it is constructed, hitting the Sacrificial Focus once with a Ghastly Soul Manipulator will cause a lightning strike and ready the altar for the sacrifice. At this point a villager must be placed on the Sacrificial Focus and hit with the Ghastly Soul Manipulator. The villager will be killed and a second lightning strike will hit the altar. Hitting the Focus a third time with the Ghastly Soul Manipulator will cause a large explosion and the Ender Dragon will spawn somewhere nearby.

Modpack notes[edit]

In FTB Unleashed and Direwolf20 1.5 Pack, Biomes O' Plenty is disabled by default. In order to use it, it must be enabled in the launcher. In addition, in the Direwolf20 1.6 Pack, many of the Biomes O' Plenty biomes are disabled by default, and must be enabled in the configuration file.