Humidity is a trait of Bees that defines part of their environmental needs. Combined with Climate, Humidity determines which biomes a given bee species can and cannot work in. It is the starting value which Humidity Tolerance modifies. There are three possible Humidity values; Arid, Normal and Damp. Humidity tends to be easier to satisfy than temperature, as it has fewer variations. Adding Alveary Hygroregulators to an Alveary can be used to alter a hive's humidity.

Icy Cold Normal Warm Hot Hellish

0% - 30%

Alpine, Glacier, Ice Wasteland, Tundra Crag Desert, Mountain Desert, Mountain Ridge, Savanna, Wasteland Nether

30% - 90%

Frozen Ocean, Frozen River, Ice Plains, Ice Mountains, Mountain Taiga Snow Forest, Taiga Autumn Woods, Beach, Birch Forest, Dark Forest, Dense Twilight Forest, Enchanted Forest, Extreme Hills, Fire Swamp, Forest, Forested Hills, Forested Island, Highlands, Meadow, Mushrooms, Ocean, Pine Forest, Plains, River, Shrubland, Sky, Twilight Clearing, Twilight Forest, Woodlands

90% - 130%+

Snowy Rainforest Green Hills, Green Swamplands, Lots of Mushrooms, Marsh, Mushroom Island, Rainforest, Redwood Forest, Redwood Lush, Swampland, Temperate Rainforest, Twilight Lake, Twilight Stream, Twilight Swamp Extreme Jungle, Jungle, Mini Jungle