Biomass (Forestry)



Name Biomass
Source Mod Forestry
ID Name
Type Fluid
Stackable Yes (64)
Blast Resistance 0.0
Hardness 0.0
Solid No
Transparent Yes
Affected by Gravity No
Emits Light No
Flammable No
Drops Nothing
Required Tool Grid Bucket.png

Liquid Biomass is created through fermenting plant matter in a Fermenter. This process uses either Fertilizer, Compost or Mulch as a catalyst and also consumes either water, Liquid Honey, or Apple Juice. You will get a varying amount of biomass depending on which type of plant matter you use and which liquid you ferment it with.

Biomass can be used to generate energy in a Biogas Engine for 12,500 MJ per bucket at 5 MJ/t, or in a Bio Generator for 8000 EU per bucket at 8 EU/t. When used in a converter using a Biogas Engine to power a Magma Crucible drawing Cobblestone from an Igneous Extruder and feeding Lava to a Thermal Generator, Biomass can produce 62,500 EU per bucket or 125,000 EU per bucket by using Netherrack in the Magma Crucible instead of Cobblestone.

Biomass can also be processed into Biofuel with a Refinery at a 4:1 (25%) ratio, with a Still at a 10:3 (30%) ratio, or with a Distillation Tower at a 2:1 (50%) ratio.

Items that can be fermented into Biomass: