Omega Bee

Omega Bee
Item Omega Bee.png

Omega Bee

Name Omega Bee
Grid Omega Comb.png Production Speed: ??? min
Required Humidity normal
Required Temperature normal
Pollinates With Flowers?
Effect None?
Source Mod Forestry
Possible Descendants 0 Species

The Omega Bee is a bee which is only breedable in the Feed The Beast Retro SSP Pack. It was intended as a sort of final goal for the FTB Pyramid Map. For the Retro SSP Pack, a special version of Forestry was designed that allowed for this bee (and the two species necessary to breed it, the Darkened Bee and the Reddened Bee) to be bred. In normal gameplay, it is impossible to obtain, as it produces Omega Combs, highly overpowered combs in normal gameplay but acceptable in challenge maps.

Omega Bees were intended to link in with Equivalent Exchange 2, the older version of Equivalent Exchange, and use components from that mod in the process of breeding. As such, Omega Bees (and the bees necessary in the mutation to acquire them) required in their mutation as a sort of catalyst a form of power known as Energy Matter Currency, or EMC for short, which was the main unit of power of Equivalent Exchange 2. It could be stored in Klein Stars or in potent forms such as Diamonds, Glowstone, or the various types of fuel that Equivalent Exchange 2 adds.

Omega Combs, when centrifuged, would produce one Omega Drop, an item worth 8,192 EMC (as much as a diamond) and were produced at a fairly rapid pace. These drops had no use in crafting and could only be used as a transmutation item.

Omega Bees can still be obtained via the /givedrone and /giveprincess commands in the non-FTB versions of Forestry, as can Darkened and Reddened bees. However, this is the only method of obtaining them in all packs except Retro SSP. In Retro SSP, available by breeding a Darkened Bee and a Reddened Bee in the Nether.