Woven Miner's Backpack

Woven Miner's Backpack
Item Woven Miner's Backpack.png

Name Woven Miner's Backpack
Source Mod Forestry
ID Name Unknown
Type Item
Stackable No

The Woven Miner's Backpack is an upgraded version of the Miner's Backpack and is crafted in the Carpenter. It has 45 inventory slots to hold ores (iron, gold, redstone, etc.), fuels (coal, uranium, etc.), gems (diamond, emerald, etc.) and ingots (iron ingot, gold ingot, etc.). When you pick up any of these, they will go straight to the backpack instead of to your inventory. Note that it does not hold blocks such as dirt and cobblestone; they can be picked up with a Digger's Backpack.

To open the Woven Miner's Backpack, place it on your hotbar and right click with it selected.

It is very useful for miners due to the amount of ores that build up throughout mining.

The Woven Miner's backpack has 4 different modes:

  • Default - Takes in the ores listed below. (no added icon)
  • Locked - Doesn't take in anything, but can still be opened. (lock icon)
  • Receiving - Shift-Right clicking on a chest will take all matching items. (green up arrow icon)
  • Resupply - Keeps a stack of the item in the hotbar. (yellow down arrow icon)

You can cycle through the modes by crouching, and then right clicking with the pack selected in your hotbar. In any mode but Receiving, Shift-right clicking on a chest will dump all items out of the pack, space permitting.


GUI Carpenter.png
Woven Silk
Woven Silk
Woven Silk
Miner's Backpack
Woven Silk
Woven Silk
Woven Silk
Woven Silk

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Woven Miner's Backpack


Woven Miner's Backpack has no known uses in crafting.

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