Name Trophy
Source Mod OpenBlocks
ID Name Unknown
Type Block
Stackable Yes (64)
Solid Yes
Transparent No
Affected by Gravity No
Emits Light No
Flammable No
Required Tool Unknown

The Trophy is a block from OpenBlocks. There are multiple variations of this block, each one representing a Vanilla Minecraft mob. Any vanilla mob has a 0.1% chance[1] (by default) to drop its respective trophy.

Data Value mob
0 Wolf
1 Chicken
2 Cow
3 Creeper
4 Skeleton
5 Zombie Pigman
6 Bat
7 Zombie
8 Witch
9 Villager
10 Ocelot
11 Sheep
12 Blaze
13 Silverfish
14 Spider
15 Cave Spider
16 Slime
17 Ghast
18 Enderman
19 Magma Cube
20 Squid
21 Mooshroom
22 Iron Golem
23 Snow Golem
24 Pig


Each trophy type has a special effect when right-clicked:

Bat Plays bat sound.
Blaze Plays the Blaze sound with a chance of setting you and other players on fire.
Cave Spider Poisons the right-clicking player.
Chicken Gives an egg. Only available every 500 seconds. Breaking the trophy resets this countdown.
Cow Plays a random cow sound. Will give a piece of leather if it hasn't been interacted with for 1000 seconds.
Creeper Creates an explosion sound and animation, but no damage is done to the player clicking the block. The explosion will damage mobs and any other players nearby, but not destroy blocks.
Enderman Shoots an Ender Pearl Ender Pearl in a random direction, teleporting the player.
Ghast Plays Ghast sound.
Iron Golem Unknown.
Magma Cube Changes its size.
Mooshroom Spawns Brown Mushrooms all around the trophy. Only available every 5 seconds.
Ocelot Plays a random cat sound.
Pig Will give a piece of raw porkchop. Only available every 1000 seconds.
Sheep Plays a random sheep sound.
Shulker Causes the player to float.
Silverfish Plays Silverfish sounds.
Skeleton Shoots an arrow almost vertically out the top of the trophy. The arrow will deal damage, but cannot be picked up, much like the arrow shot by skeletons.
Slime Unknown.
Snow Golem Places a layer of snow around the trophy.
Spider Plays a random Spider sound
Squid Creates a Water source block directly above the player.
Villager Plays villager sound.
Witch Gives a few seconds of Blindness as well as putting "Get Witched!" in the chat.
Wither Skeleton Drops one Wither Skeleton Head. Only available every 1000 seconds.
Wolf Plays a random wolf sound.
Zombie Plays a random zombie sound.
Zombie Pigman Drops one Gold Nugget. Only available every 1000 seconds.


  1. comment by Mikee, author of OpenBlocks