Sonic Glasses

Sonic Glasses
Sonic Glasses

Name Sonic Glasses
Source Mod OpenBlocks
ID Name
Type Item
Stackable No
Durability 166
Armor 2 (Armor.png)

The Sonic Glasses is an item added by the OpenBlocks mod.

Allows a Player to see sounds when it is equipped in the helmet slot while impairing visibility of the game world. The screen displayed when wearing the Glasses overlays an Obsidian like texture that is slightly transparent [1], making it very hard to make out what is shown behind it.


GUI Crafting Table.png
Iron Ingot
Iron Helmet
Iron Ingot

Sonic Glasses


A view of some walking and mob sounds, as seen by the Player.

All sounds in the game are shown on the screen when the glasses are worn, each sound has its own icon to indicate what type of sound it is. Some sounds, such as walking or digging will also show the texture of the block involved in the action causing the sound. For example the sound of walking on grass shows a Dirt texture with Diamond Boots on it. If the sound does not have an icon assigned to it, it will display a generic icon for indicating unknown sounds.


Sonic Glasses has no known uses in crafting.


  1. The texture which is used as an overlay to obscure the Player's sight when wearing the glasses is loaded from the client-side library. This makes it possible to replace it with a fully transparent image, preventing the glasses from obscuring the Player's sight, while still offering the benefit of seeing the sounds.