Hang Glider

Hang Glider
Hang Glider

Name Hang Glider
Source Mod OpenBlocks
ID Name Unknown
Type Item
Stackable No

The Hang Glider is an item added by the OpenBlocks mod. It allows a player to glide downwards through the air at slightly less than 7 blocks per second. The glider is activated by right-clicking with it, and functions when the player moves downward; i.e. if you would have been free-falling without it, you will glide instead. The Hang Glider will turn to face the direction that the player is looking. The player is otherwise unaffected by it; you can still walk normally (if you are on the ground) and interact with the world. To deactivate the glider, right-click again or switch to a different hotbar slot. The Hang Glider does not take damage or have durability.

While gliding, the player will descend at a rate of approximately one block down per 6 blocks forward. Holding the sneak key while flying will increase the speed to 20 blocks per second, but increases the rate of descent to one block down per 5 blocks forward. It is especially useful to have a Jetpack in combination with this item.


Since version 1.6 of the OpenBlocks mod it is possible to catch updrafts when flying below cloud level during non-rainy daytime. Good pilots will be able to gain altitude and extend their flights that way. An acoustic variometer has been added to help with finding and centering updrafts. By default it can be toggled using the V key. Higher, broken/beeping tones signal altitude gain while lower, continuous tones signal altitude loss. It is important to note that the variometer signal has some intentional delay on changing frequencies. That means it is easier to find updrafts while flying slow. It is a good idea to fly in circles to stay inside an updraft.


GUI Crafting Table.png
Glider Wing (OpenBlocks)
Glider Wing (OpenBlocks)

Hang Glider


Having your inventory open while gliding will show the player lying down and sometimes extending out of the small black viewing pane.