Rite of Infusion

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The Rite of Infusion is a concept added by the Witchery mod. There are three different things that can be infused: Items, Players, and Brews. These three different things though are all still pretty much doing the same thing, infusing the essence of a dimensional aspect into something or someone.

For infusing items, the Broom, twig, or quartz sphere can be infused using the Rite of Infusion. The broom can be infused into an Enchanted Broom. the twig can be infused into a Mystic Branch, and the quartz sphere can be enchanted into either a Crystal Ball or Seer Stone.

For infusing players, only one infusion can be apply to a player at a time and infusion does cause death unless the player is using some magical means to prevent death. Infusion of Light grants control over light, the ability to bend light to become invisible and to harden light to create solid barriers. Infusion of the Overworld grants control of the overworld, the ability to manipulate the earth and metals. Infusion of Otherwhere grants power of the End, the ability to teleport. Infernal Infusion grants power of the Nether, the ability to enthrall creatures to do your bidding/to acquire their power for a time.

For infusing brews, the Infused Brew Base is required as the base. There are two brews that can be infused, the Infused Brew of Soaring and Infused Brew of the Grave. These brews differ from their regular counterparts only in that they last for a much longer time.