Test Pack Please Ignore 2

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Test Pack Please Ignore 2
Test Pack Please Ignore 2
Name Test Pack Please Ignore 2
Creator TPPI Team
Launcher Feed The Beast Launcher
Latest Version 0.2.5
Minecraft Version 1.7.10
Private Pack Code SuperWhaleKick

Test Pack Please Ignore 2 is the second iteration of Test Pack Please Ignore, a mod pack that's designed and configured to have better balance between the variety of mods included. This, along with a varied modlist, allows for longer lived worlds than the norms for modded Minecraft.

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Version Release Date Changes
0.1.0 March 26, 2015 (?) Modpack pre-release as a private pack under the password "SuperWhaleKick"
0.1.2 Bug Fixes, Tweaks
0.1.3 Bug Fixes
0.1.4 Bug Fixes
0.1.5 Bug Fixes
0.2.0 Added EnderCore and Steve's Addons. Removed ttCore. Bug Fixes and Tweaks.
0.2.2 Bug Fixes
0.2.3 Bug Fixes, Tweaks
0.2.4 Bug Fixes
0.2.5 Mod Updates, Bug Fixes, Tweaks

Mod List[edit]

As of version 0.2.5 TPPI2 contains the following mods.



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