Name Regrowth
Creator thephoenixlodge
Launcher Feed The Beast Launcher
Latest Version 0.7.4
Minecraft Version 1.7.10
Website Official Forum Thread
Regrowth is a FTB mod-pack heavily based on AgriCraft and Botania with the pack code "regrowth", you spawn in a wasteland and have to bring back nature to the world. With no wood except dead logs you with have no way to make a crafting bench until after you have tools.

This pack has heavily modified recipes, allowing for interaction between different mods and providing early access to some items. Tutorial:Getting Started (Regrowth) contains some of the early modified recipes and provides some strategy for the first in game days. Heavy use of the HQM Quest Book and NEI is recommended.

Mod List

Version 0.7.4 of Regrowth includes the following mods by default:

Name Version
AgriCraft 1.3.1
Applied Energistics 2 rv2-beta-14
Automagy 0.22.1
Bagginses 2.0.2
BiblioCraft 1.10.2
BiblioWoods ExtrabiomesXL 1.4
BiblioWoods Forestry 1.7
Binnie's Mods 2.0-pre8
Blood Magic 1.3.1-7
Botania r1.6-174
Buildcraft 6.4.7
Buildcraft Compat 6.4.2
Carpenter's Blocks 3.3.5
Chisel 2
Chisel Facades 1.10-cricket
ClimateControl 0.4.beta17
CoFH Core 3.0.0B9-99
Creeper Collateral 1.0.0B3-6
Custom Main Menu 1.1
Enchiridion 1.2b
Enchiridion 2 2.0f-63
Ender Zoo
Enhanced Inventories 1.0.11
ExtrabiomesXL 3.16.1
ExtraTiC 1.0.3
Forbidden Magic 0.562
Forge Multipart
Garden Stuff 1.5.6
Gravestone Mod 2.11.3
Hardcore Questing Mode 4.2.2
Iguana Tweaks 2.1.4
INpureCore 1.0.0B9-54
Inventory Tweaks 1.58-147
JABBA 1.2.1a
LaunchGUI 1.5.8
Magic Bees 2.1.22
Magical Crops 0.1
Mantle 0.3.2
MineTweaker 3.0.9C
Mob Properties 0.3.4
ModTweaker 0.7.5
NEI Addons
NEI Integration 1.0.7
Nether Ores 2.3.0RC4-9
Not Enough Items
OpenEye 0.6
Quadrum 1.2.0.B13
Resource Loader 1.0
Ruins 1.7.10
Steve's Barren Lands
Storage Drawers 1.3.6
Super Crafting Frame
Thaumcraft 4
Thaumcraft NEI Plugin 1.7
Thaumcraft Node Tracker 1.0.4
Thaumic Exploration 1.1-36
Tinker's Construct 1.8.3b
Tinker's Construct Tooltips 1.2.3
Traveller's Gear 1.15.6
ttCore 0.1.0-66
Waila 1.5.10
Waila Harvestability 1.1.1
WAILAPlugins 0.0.1-13
Witchery 0.23.2
Witching Gadgets 1.1.3
Yampst 0.7.0

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