Feed The Beast Horizons: Daybreaker

Feed The Beast Horizons: Daybreaker
Feed The Beast Horizons: Daybreaker
Name Feed The Beast Horizons: Daybreaker
Creator The FTB Team
Launcher Feed The Beast Launcher
Latest Version 1.0.0
Minecraft Version 1.7.10
Website Official Website and Changelog

Feed the Beast Horizons: Daybreaker is a sequel to the original 1.6.4 Feed The Beast Horizons Modpack. Its purpose is to showcase new and unknown mods as well as mods previously not featured in previous modpacks.

Launcher Description

Daybreaker is the sequel to the original Horizons, but updated and remastered for 1.7.10. It aims to show off new mods to the realm of FTB, such as Matter Overdrive for technology, Aura Cascade for magic, and even decorative mods like Ztones and AppleMilkTea. Horizons: Daybreaker finally brings the much beloved Mekanism and Galacticraft to the FTB world, demonstrating their power to a whole new audience.

Mod List

Version 1.0.0 of the Horizons: Daybreaker Pack includes the following mods by default:

Name Version
Advanced Generators
AMT Generators 1.4.2
Ancient Trees 1.5.1
AOBD BB 1.0.3
AOBD 2 2.6.3
AppleCore 1.1.0
AppleMilkTea2 2.7c
AsieLib 0.4.0
Aura Cascade 452
AutoPackager 1.5.3
Blood Arsenal 1.1-12
Blood Magic 1.3.3-4
Blue Power 0.2.945
Carpenter's Blocks 3.3.6
Chisel 2
ChiselTones 1.0-1
Clockwork Phase 1.0f
CoFH Core 3.0.2-262
Computronics 1.5.0
Custom Main Menu 1.2
DecoCraft 2.0.2
Dense Ores 1.6.2
Difficult Life 1.2.1710.0
DummyCore 1.12
Emasher Defense  ?
Emasher's Resource  ?
Emotes 1.0.1
Engineer's Toolbox
Enhanced Inventories 1.0.13
Equivalent Exchange 3 0.3.507
EssentialCraft III 4.5.1710.204
Extra Utilities 1.2.6
Farseek 1.0.8
FastCraft 1.21
Flood Light 0.4.3-62
Forge Multipart
Framez 0.2-32
Garden Stuff 1.6.3
GasCraft  ?
Geko's Lasers 0.7
GuideAPI 1.0.1-20
Hardcore Ender Expansion 1.8.1
Headcrumbs 1.3.1
iBench 1.0.12
In-Game Wiki Mod 1.1.3-18
Inventory Tweaks 1.59-dev-152
Iron Backpacks 1.0.4
JourneyMap 5.1.0rc3
Kore Sample 1.3.0
LomLib 3.2.0
Mag Tools 0.1.6
Malisis Core 0.12.3
Malisis Doors 1.8
Mantle 0.3.2
Matter Overdrive
MineMenu 1.2.0.B44
MineTweaker3 3.0.9
MmmMmmMmmMmm 1.6
Modular Armor 1.0.7-30
NEI Addons
NEI Intergration 1.0.9
Not Enough Items
Not Enough Resources
Open Modular Turrets 1.3.8-35
Open Peripheral Intergration 0.2.2
OpenBlocks 1.4.3
OpenModsLib 0.7.3
OpenPeripherals Core 1.1.1
Particle Physics 1.0.44
Potion Extension Core 1.1.0
Professor Flaxbeard's Wondrous Steam Power Mod 0.28.7
Progressive Automation 1.6.16
QMunitylib 0.1.114
Quantum Flux 1.2.0
QuiverBow b100
Random Things 2.2.4
Realistic World Gen 1.3.2
Redstonic 1.4.5
Refined Relocation 1.0.8b
Resource Loader 1.0
RF Windmills 0.7
RFTools 3.02
Router Reborn
Sanguimancy 1.1.9-31
Sanguine Utilities 1.3.2
Simple Condensers 1.0.1
Soul Shards: The Old Ways 0.1-RC9-7
Storage Drawers 1.5.6
Streams 0.1.4
Thermal Foundation 1.0.0-85
ttCore 0.1.1-77
Waila 1.5.10
Wawla 1.2.1
XP Teleporters 1.0.4
Ztones 2.2.1