Thermal Cultivation

Thermal Cultivation
Thermal Cultivation
Name Thermal Cultivation
Creator Team CoFH
Latest Version 1.16.3-1.0.5
Minecraft Version 1.12.2, 1.15, 1.16.3, 1.16.4
Website Official Site
Root Mod Thermal Foundation
Modpacks Direwolf20 1.12 Pack
Feed The Beast Builders Paradise
Feed The Beast Continuum
Feed The Beast Horizons III
Feed The Beast Pyramid Reborn
Feed The Beast Revelation
Feed The Beast Sky Adventures
Feed The Beast Sky Odyssey
Feed The Beast Stoneblock 2
Feed The Beast Unstable 1.12

Thermal Cultivation is the smallest mod of the CoFH team Thermal Series. It adds Watering Cans, which can be used to irrigate plants using Water. Watering Cans can also be dyed, emptied at the Crafting Grid or at Forestry's Bottler, and enchanted with the Holding Enchantment, making them able to hold more Water. There are 5 tiers of Cans plus a Creative Tier, holding Infinite Water. In the 1.16 version only 1 watering can exists as of yet, the basic watering can.


Creative Watering Can will output 2.147.483.647 mB of Water in a Bottler. However, Bottler requires more time when more Fluid is extracted, making the process go for an unreasonable amount of time.