EssentialCraft III

EssentialCraft III
Name EssentialCraft III
Creator Modbder
Latest Version 4.6.1710.63
Minecraft Version 1.7.10
Website Project
Forum MC Forum thread
Root Mod Baubles
Modpacks Feed The Beast Horizons: Daybreaker

The EssentialCraft III mod is about magic and technology, with a significant amount of content, including an energy system called MRU; several tiers of weapon and armor; machines to automate farming, crafting, mining and breeding; and even a Tesla Coil to zap enemies. It also adds a dimension, Hoanna, that has a boss and a lot of loot.

This mod is very crafting-heavy, so some form of auto-crafting is advised, such as ME Auto Crafting. It also has built-in interactions for other mods including Thaumcraft and Blood Magic.


  • MRU is the mod's energy system, which emanates radiation.
  • UBMRU a form of personal MRU gained by killing monsters, which is lost upon death. It can be extracted using a Matrix Destructor or any of the various Baubles that are found as loot. A steady supply of UBMRU is crucial to the Player's well being and a lack of it may cause hidden status effects that must be cleansed through a Soul Pentacle, which is a mid-late game structure. A Soul Stone is used to monitor the amount of UBMRU acumulated.
  • MRUCU aka that annoying sound, is an accumulation of MRU concentrated enough to affect the physical world. It is an invisible entity that becomes more important mid-game. It can't be destroyed, but can be moved using a MRUCU Moving Wand or a Teleposer.
  • Radiation is created by some devices, such as the Radiating Chamber. It is a scaling poison effect; the longer the exposure to it the worse and longer the debuff (potion effect). The MHS Armor and certain Baubles can protect against it.
  • Balance is a measured state of energy, which can be seen in machines that consume MRU. 100% balanced MRU has a measurement of 0.0. MRU with a measurement of 0.0 to 0.5 is called Frozen, 0.5 to 1.5 is called Magic, and 1.5 to 2.0 is called Chaos.

Quick Start Guide[edit]

Fist thing to do is craft the Research Book. This book contains useful information on the mod, meant to guide the Player in his journey of discovery.

Some of the first things needed:

Now that the basic crafting equipment has been acquired:

At this point the Player has gain access to interesting and useful tools, some that are more powerful forms of MRU generation. The process of unlocking the Hoanna dimension begins. Read the Research Book and discover what can be done.


  1. Using this will create a MRUCU if there's not one nearby (16 blocks?) and it will emit radiation, which will give the player the MRU Corruption potion effect.