EssentialCraft III

EssentialCraft III
Name EssentialCraft III
Creator Modbder, TheLMiffy1111
Latest Version; 4.7.1102.16; 4.6.1710.70
Minecraft Version 1.7.10, 1.10.2, 1.12.2
Website Project
Add-on Mods Essential Thaumaturgy
Root Mod Baubles, DummyCore
Modpacks Feed The Beast Horizons: Daybreaker

EssentialCraft III is technomagical mod created by Modbder and TheLMiffy1111. It adds a lot of accessories, machines, several mobs and even a dimension with a lot of loot.

This mod also has built-in interactions for other mods including Thaumcraft and Blood Magic.


This mod adds following things:

However, most of those require player to have decent progress in this mod and a lot of resources. Also the mod is very crafting-heavy, so some form of auto-crafting is advised, such as ME Auto Crafting or Magical Inventory Manager (which is very endgame, so former is recommended).


  • MRU is the mod's energy system, which emanates radiation. It also can also concentrate enough to become an entity, which is called MRUCU. The entity can't be destroyed, but can be moved using a MRUCU Moving Wand MRUCU Moving Wand, its advanced version its advanced version or utilities from other mods such as Teleposer Teleposer.
  • UBMRU is a form of personal MRU gained by killing monsters. It is lost upon death. It can be extracted using a Matrix Destructor Matrix Destructor or Portable Matrix Destructor Portable Matrix Destructor. A steady supply of UBMRU is crucial to the Player's well being and a lack of it may cause hidden status effects that should be removed through a Soul Pentacle. A Soul Stone Soul Stone can be used to monitor the amount of UBMRU of a player.
  • Corruption is created by some devices, such as the Radiating Chamber Radiating Chamber. It is a scaling poison effect: the longer player is exposed to Corruption-generating machines, the worse the effect is and the longer it persists. Certain Armor sets from the mod and certain Baubles can protect against it.