Extra Cells

Extra Cells
Name Extra Cells
Creator Leonelf
Type Add-on
Latest Version 1.6.9d
Minecraft Version 1.7.10
Forum Minecraft Forum post
Root Mod Applied Energistics
Modpacks Agrarian Skies
Blast Off!
DNS Techpack
Feed The Beast Continuum
Feed The Beast Horizons
Feed The Beast Monster
Magic Farm 2
Material Energy^4
Resonant Rise
Sky Factory
Sky Factory 2
Test Pack Please Ignore
Test Pack Please Ignore 2
The Crack Pack
The Dark Trilogy

Extra Cells is an addon mod for the popular Applied Energistics mod, created by Leonelf. The mod seeks to supplement Applied Energistics (a complex storage network system that automates crafting processes and much more) in areas where it is still lacking, with a few more useful features, such as fluid storage, considerably larger storage cards, and an uninterrupted power supply, the ME BackUp Battery.