Rocky Bee

Rocky Bee
Item Rocky Bee.png

Rocky Bee

Monapis saxum
Grid Rocky Comb.png Production Speed: 5.1 min
Required Humidity Normal
Required Temperature Normal
Pollinates With Rock
Effect None
Branch Rocky
Source Hive Rocky Hive
Source Mod Extra Bees
Possible Descendants 8 Species

The Rocky Bee is a type of Bee in the Rocky Branch added by Extra Bees. They are found in Rocky hives, which are usually buried in stone underground. Rocky bees are the most numerous mundane bees, but you need to strip-mine to uncover their hives.

Rocky bees make poor produce but they have many desirable genetic traits. In the beginning of bee keeping Rocky bees are not very useful, but they become invaluable once you get into bee genetic engineering.


Pure Rocky Bees require a Normal Climate and Normal Humidity to start working, and at least one piece of stone or cobblestone as a Flower.


Rocky Bees produce Rocky Combs every 5.1 minutes. Note that production times are an approximation based on the bee's base production speed and the product's rarity. They do not reflect actual production time.

GUI Centrifuge.png
Rocky Comb
Honey Drop
Beeswax (Forestry)

Note: Hover the mouse over an item to show its chance.


The traits below are correct for pure-bred Rocky Bees:

Genetic Traits
Climate / Humidity Normal / Normal
Temp. Tol / Humid. Tol. +-2 / +-2
Lifespan Shorter
Speed Slowest
Pollination Slowest
Flowers Rock
Fertility 1 Drone
Area 9 x 6 x 9
Diurnal / Nocturnal / Flyer / Cave Yes / Yes / Yes / Yes
Effect None

Further Mutations[edit]

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Breeding Pair Chance Result
Rocky Bee x Forest BeeMeadows BeeModest BeeWintry BeeTropical BeeMarshy BeeWater BeeMarbled BeeEmbittered Bee

Rocky + Hive Bee (Forest, Meadows, Modest, Wintry, Tropical, Marshy, Water, Marbled, or Embittered)

15% Common Bee


Rocky Bee x Common Bee

Rocky + Common

12% Cultivated Bee


Rocky Bee x Diligent Bee

Rocky + Diligent

15% Tolerant Bee


Rocky Bee x Tolerant Bee

Rocky + Tolerant

15% Robust Bee


Rocky Bee x Austere Bee

Rocky + Austere

5% Unstable Bee


Rocky Bee x Furious Bee

Rocky + Furious

10% Shadowed Bee


Rocky Bee x Valiant Bee

Rocky + Valiant

5% Ebony Bee


Rocky Bee x Skulking Bee

Rocky + Skulking

14% Batty Bee