Name Isolator
Source Mod Extra Bees
ID Name Unknown
Type Machine
Stackable Yes (64)
Solid Yes
Transparent No
Affected by Gravity No
Emits Light No
Flammable No
Required Tool Wooden Pickaxe
Power Use 50 MJ/t
Storage 60,000 MJ

The Isolator extracts genetic traits from Bees and converts them into Serums when supplied with any bee and an Empty Serum Vial. The trait picked is chosen at random for each cycle. There is a little chance that the bee will be killed in the process, thus it is recommended to only attempt to isolate established traits using excess drones. Serums can be filled with a Synthesizer, improved with a Purifier, and finally injected into live bees with an Inoculator.


GUI Crafting Table.png
Blaze Rod
Advanced Genetic Machine
Blaze Rod
Blaze Rod
Blaze Rod


The Isolator can be used to create a genetic library of traits on its own, or clone a newly established species onto superior genetic stock and remove negative traits from a strain when paired up with the Purifier, Synthesizer and Inoculator. It removes much of the uncertainty when trying to improve bees compared to crossbreeding.

Due to the heavy power consumption the set of genetic machines carries, it is impractical to improve each new mutation using Serums alone. Instead, a strain of "super bee" should be created by extracting all the desired traits from available bees and inoculating them into a single princess and drone. This new strain can be cloned by pairing excess drones from the original pair onto wild princesses, and the new super bees infused with extracted species Serums.

By creating Serums for any newly discovered traits or species, these qualities can be preserved for future use in case of accidental loss of the original strain. Extracted Serums can also be used to remove undesirable traits such as x1 Fertility, Poison, Flammable, etc. Duplicate Serums are quite likely while working with the Isolator. Unwanted Serums or those with undesirable traits can be smelted in a furnace to get back the Empty Serum Vial.


This machine needs substantial amounts of BuildCraft MJ power to run efficiently. While it will run on as little as 1 MJ/t, the Isolator processes at maximum speed with 50 MJ/t. At full power, it takes twenty seconds per cycle. It will accept up to 1,000 MJ/t and store any excess power in its internal buffer of 60k MJ. Note however that this machine is lossy - even while not working it will slowly lose stored power. Gates are recommended to only deliver power while the machine has work to do.

With its high power consumption, many BuildCraft or Thermal Expansion engines are required to adequately power an Isolator. Redstone Energy Cells are another good option for remote operation or as an energy buffer.

Working with Routers[edit]

Using the Mindcrack Pack (8.3.2), using a Factorization Router with an Isolator is very quirky, as with most Extra Bees machines. Slots 0 and 1, as well as slots 18 and upward do not accept items. Slot 2 is the bee analysis slot, but it will only function properly with bees, and only then until it is either full or the bees being sent in do not stack. After this point (or when sending items other than bees) the Isolator will eat anything sent and you will not get it back, even if the Isolator is broken, and even if you try extracting the items you sent.

Slots 3 through 12 will also destroy anything you send, including bees and serum vials. Slots 13 through 17 refer to the additional bee input slots from left to right, then top to bottom, the bottom right slot being excluded. Inserting anything to any side acts identically to inserting to Slot 2. Thus, there is no way to insert empty serum vials, even though a hopper on top of the machine will do the job.

Serums may be extracted out of slots 4 through 12, corresponding to the 9 slots, left to right, top to bottom.