Name Serum
Source Mod Extra Bees
ID Name Unknown
Type Item
Stackable Unknown

Serum containts a single trait for Bees such as Fast Production Speed or Shortest Lifespan. Serums are obtained from processing bees with the desired trait in the Isolator, and can be used to inject traits into any bee using the Inoculator. Putting a Serum containing a trait in a Furnace will produce a Empty Serum Vial.

Charges & Quality[edit]

A single Serum can hold up to sixteen charges. When initially produced, a Serum will be empty and of Average quality. A Synthesizer is necessary to add charges to the Serum but also degrades its quality in the process. Serum quality varies from Awful < Poor < Average < Good < Excellent. Using an inferior quality Serum on a bee can introduce negative traits or even cause a Queen to not produce a Princess amongst her offspring. A Purifier is necessary to restore lost quality to a Serum, thus rendering it safe to use.


All of these traits can be extracted into Serums from bees.